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Am breaking my own rules 😁

Assalamualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,  Alhamdulillah for today. Setiap tahun, I will definitely plan for myself. Sendiri and reflex. But this year not even finish the day. I had to rush out back home. Singgah pharmacy beli apa yang patut.  Am so worried, mulanya tak apalah they can handle. But am just being me. Tak boleh, what if.. what if... Eh macam² la.  Tahun ini, ke mana pun x boleh. Then I decided to go home (my place). Mula² ingat x boleh since angah n Sri self isolation almost a month Sana. But yesterday they came back. After 2 times tested negative. Syukur they didn't get it.  Back to story why, I break my own rules. And what's the rules?  Hehehe. Since mula bekerja, I will make sure, to reward myself on my birthday. No biggie thing, enough with being alone and reflex. So for 2021, we can't even go anywhere due to lockdown. Banyak benda, we can't do. So yesterday, I decided to home. Order food on the way back. Dah fikir dah nak makan je and layan movie. Ye

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