ACCA VS CIMA (Version 2.0)

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Hi guys, hope you were fine.
Dayah...bolehlah... ada masa tak berapa nak sihat.

Tujuan post kali ini, untuk maklumkan tentang Fara yang sanggup berkongsi pengalaman dan menjadi mentor for CIMA student or anyone yang still not sure what to do and need help. She going to help you. 

Fara reads my entry - ACCA VS CIMA in early June this year. She a member of CIMA. Read her comment below;-

 hi, i was a cima student and now already a full fledged CIMA member for about 5 years.. graduated from UiTM and i am willing to share my experience and mentoring students/potential students who are keen to pursue CIMA. i can be contacted via email:

So, what else you waiting for, contact her. Thanks Fara for allow me to posted this. 

Till we meet again ^_^


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