ACCA: P7 - Advance Audit and Assurance - How to pass?

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

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Alhamdulillah, I have pass this paper with just one sitting. Syukur. Syukur. Syukur.
When I first decided to take this paper, a lot of negative perception that I read and hear.
- Killer paper.
- Very hard to pass.
- Cannot simply use your experience to pass need to go for class.
- and lot more negative words...................................................

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Doing ACCA never make me think of getting high score. Never. Seriously. Not like during degree. Eager to get A. Always want to get as high as I can. 

But doesn't mean that I didn't study hard to pass ACCA. No. No. No. 
It is difficult. I have to say that. Why?
Degree, you have carry mark. ACCA? Not at all. 100% is final examination. 

So, what did I do for P7? 

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1) Attend class. 
2) Focus - walau kadang-kadang tak seberapa nak fokus. (jujur sungguh)
3) Do exercise - Read and answer all the pass years. Sangat membantu. 
4) Listen to your lecture - I choose to take Mr. Siva class in HELP. He's really helpful and his class based on theory and his experience in Audit. So it is good.

Itu formula pass exam saya. If you read the entire story about how to pass ACCA exam it is almost the same tips. There's no easy way to pass your exam without study!

Be positive and study.

InsyaAllah, saya doakan sahabat2 lain juga ya, Masih ada 2 papers lagi untuk tamatkan status student ACCA. 


Renu said…

Thanks for the info n help students to make decisions. Besides,do u recommend to attend entire class or revision will do..I just sat for my P7 n think not able to make it.. do u think attending his revision sufficient?
Dayah said…
Hi Renu,

Thank you for dropping by and read this entry.
As for me if you're well versed about audit and assurance, attending his revision is sufficient but if not, please attend the entire class and also the revision.

Because during the revision, he will just do the question and provide you answer.
If you're busy, I don't so you will go through again the question because by then the time is limited.

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