Surviving in working life.


Hello everyone... hope you guy doing well. Dayah alhamdulillah. Kadang2 in life ada ups and down.
Last friday was very bad day for me. I can't help myself to ........... luckily someone was there to be a listener and claim me down. Thanks. I am really appreciate that. Although, i'm expecting someone else to be there when i falls. But that's life. Not everyone free to listen everytime. And...... till today i havent have my icecream... you know right... when i am sad... i will always say... jom have icecream... tak for now .. i'm no need it yet 

Today class was about audit plan.
Audit Plan is most crucial part... and true... especially when it come to new client or new cycle. Dr not3s today.. few things need to improve on current IAPM. Thats why CPE  important in professional line. Haishhh... kalau tak p kelas .. i am still @ takuk lama. If i were to request for IA training.. sure i will get the answer... IA training very very expensive which we cant effort it. In other words... find solution for improvement.

Work life .. we have to continously updgrading ownself. Not all co. Will support your continously learning programme. Have your own initiative and invest your by your own to improve yourself. Notes to myself... real work life not that easy... survival experience is expensive.

Good luck to those just join working life. Enjoy your experience. We are all have limited knowledge and skils.... so be ready to improve yourself if you have set in mind that you gonna climb more higher than now. Aim big sayang2 semua. Dayah yakin kita semua mahu perbaiki life lebih baik dan lebih baik.
Ok gtg. Class start. Sorry for any spelling error.


hansuke said…
Ais cream??? Cam citer full house je hahahhaah

Xpe, ill be ur ears like last time soon :)

Anyway, FYI, training IIA sgt la expensive tapi reality nya, inputnya xda la bagus mana. MPB sentiasa sponsor their staff for training, to our surprise training tu xda pape pon, org bagi training tu buat duit je lebih hahaha. Tapi xtau la training managerial level lain ke ape ke. Wallahualam.

So konklusi, buat la research sendiri atau masuk group IA kt linkedin then ask around for pointers

See u in a few days sensei :)

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