Turning another year

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

When I wake up this morning, all I want is still stay on my bed.... lazy. 
But the reality is have to wake up and go to work. 

Today will be a very challenging day when you know there will be war! 
Haish. Most of the time when I'm facing difficult client to handle, my heart beat just can't stop beating. 
Can you just imagine in a month, I have about 2-4 meetings to attend and at least once a month difficult client / issue to handle. Not a good day. 

Well Dayah, it is just another day to face.
Face... face.. face it!

Ok stop talking about work.
What I wish now is to get what I'm suppose to get and tomorrow will be the big day for me as official I can announce myself as CA. Walau lambat tak apa, because I'm ready and feeling worth to apply. 

Next target is CIA. InsyaAllah. In order to get that, I need to complete ACCA. Ohoo... in progress. InsyaAllah kali ini lebih berdedikasi berbanding tahun tahun sebelum. Mungkin a lot of money have been paid.

Have a good people. Gonna enjoy my night today with lot of food. Hahaha. Kelautlaaahhhhh dietku. Haven't start extensive diet. InsyaAllah gonna try something after raya. As my boss pun dah set KPI for my weight hahahaha... ehh not really KPI laa... he want me to improve my weight. Can I put that way? I will boss. I will. 

to those still single... no worries life is not about to have partner all the times but it is about to live without trouble.. erkk.. did I say when you have partner you are in trouble? errrkkkk.. tak.. tak ... tak.. hahahaha.. some people may not understand the word of "independence" well... I have lovely people around that my life colorful and grateful. Alhamdulillah. 

3 series is not bad at all, isn't? Tua baaaaaaaaaaiiii...


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