Student again

Hello guys..  quites sometimes I have been silent from writing anything here. Dah nak habis puasa kan . Week after week, I have been busy with work work and work.
And for past a month I have started with student life. Alhamdulillah so far, i'm used to it . Azam saya nak pass 2 papers ni. Start learning the exam technique yang most important.
3 papers lagi... kalau saya dapat lakukan this sitting then... cuma tinggal satu lagi. Dan...... my intention nak dapat international  recognisation will come true. InsyaAllah.
Paling tak sabar.... this year insyaAllah CA (M) .. soon in few days.. official. 
Next year will see. ACCA papers to be pass and ethics requirement tak fill up habis lagi. ..... and then to get CIA... walaweiii... jauh lagi journey. After almost 7 years being working... audit is not bad choices at all. Hahahahaha ... okay ada yang nak sepak saya tak? .. hehehe... hidup tak seindah khabar buat audit ni. But IT INTRESTING! Lot knowledge.
Ok.. chowww.. class start.


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