Escape before raya haji


Hello blog reader ๐Ÿ˜‰ .. Hope everyone is doing good. I'm on my way to Hanoi. For first time. What I'm aspecting? Beautiful scenery .. InsyaAllah. But going to Vietnam is not first time for me. Roughly I'm know what to aspect. Hard to find Halal food for sure. 

So puasa? Hahhaha tak la kan. We eat what we can. Street food? Oh yaa.. Can also. But must be very carefulkan. But I don't mind to try. 

This time .. Flying with MAS. 

And with office colleagues 

Editing picture in flight.. Hehehehe one. Of the activity .... Then watch this movie .. Love You. We only realize the important of the person that we love after he's gone. 

And this is Siew Teng.. Cantik kan. have my another movie.. So inflight just movie? Nope I will do some reading as well. I hope can finish 2 books sepanjang this trip. InsyaAllah. 

Wanna buy some silk... Hopefully 


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