Marriage at age 8 years old with 61 years old??!?!!


This is happen in South Africa.
Saw this picture on instagram, stated 5 years. OMA!
Then, terdetik di hati betul ke cerita ini. I when to search around the searching engine. Yes, it is true. But this boy is only 8 years old and her wife is 61 years old. Hah!

Kawin sebab wasiat Datuk Sanele Masilela (8 years old boy).

From the news that I read, this boy are happy married to her wife but he still want to go to school and study hard. Also mentioned that, when he's growing older he wanted to marry a lady at his age.

Dunia dunia dunia. Baca lanjut news HERE.

Hakikat dunia memang begini macam-macamkan. 


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