Sunday, September 30, 2012

Outing with two gorgeous again^^

Assalammualaikum wbt & Good Day,

Siaran secara langsung dr kedai mamak hee^^

Yeah I'm outing with two ladies^^

Have fun semua^^ happy weekend

Update: 1st October 2012

Since I have promise this two ladies that I'm going to update about our outing. So here is the update bebeh. He he he. Sorry, take sometimes to edit and upload here. Makcik busy! daaaa... 

Gigih benar kami bertiga nak ambil gambar bersama-sama. Macam-macam teknik cuba. Gelap-gelap hasilnya hahahaha. 

Mula dengan makan sampai sengkak. Hahahaha. Cukup makan betul kami ini. Sampai almost forgotten nak tengok wayang. Hatdoi. Tepuk dahi. I think just enough time kot kami masuk panggung. Elok-elok wayang start. Duduk paling strategi .. i loike. Sepanjang movie gelak sahaja. Best! 

Habis mobie.. kononnya maggie goreng time pulak. Padahal baru 2 jam lepas makan. Apa lagi Dayah drive la ikut kata hati (heeee.. sebenarnya awak.. awak.. kita pun tak sure ada ke tak kedai dekat situ... hikkk). Tiba je dekat sana, punyalahhh penuh orang. Macam-macam jenis orang pun hado! Tak best, sebab pencemaran bau dan boleh kena kerosakan retina. 

Kedai mamak nama apa pun Dayah tak ingat. Order air punya lama nak dapat. Order kentang goreng punyalah lama. Hasilnya sungguh sedih. Tapi skill berebut pelanggan dengan kedai sebelah memang dia johan la. No more next time la. 

Lepas dah bersesak nafas dekat sana. Saja nak leparking dekat jambatan pulak. He he he. Ingat dah tak ada orang. Sekali penuh da. Ramai betul yang suka lepak sana and saya suka sangat duduk sana. Feeling duduk atas kapal uolss. hahahaha. VERANGAN JE LA DAYAH NI!

Dalam duduk berjimba-jimba bertiga tu, sempat si Elly menyampai pesanan penaja dari Mak, 

"Mak pesan, korang perempuan, kalau keluar malam korang jangan keluar2 keta... Bahaya. Mak tau.. Korang 3 org kalau keluar, subuh baru balik..."

Buat kami bertiga gelak sakan. Apa tak nya. Memang benar pun. Keluar late and baliknya pun late la. Auntie and Uncle pun memang dah tahu sangat. He He He. 

Lastly, ambil gambar bertiga lah kita yer..... sebab tak berapa nak ada cahaya. Makanya gambar adalah golap. Dan double chin saya dah bertambah AYU uolss! Ohhhhhh TIDAK! hahahaahha.. bila nak sedari diri Dayah oiii... 

 Ini yang okay kot... kan... 

Nanti kita keluar lagi yer .... 

Sharing: 16 cm Ovarian Cyst, masih punya harapan?

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Hi all readers. 
Dayah baru received a comments dari Nad Jb, 

"Dearest, kalau sudah 16cm boleh amalkan bubur + peria + sawi ke? :( -Nad JB"

Dear Nad, 
Selagi punya peluang lakukan apa sahaja. Itu yang Dayah boleh nasihat. Amalkan pemakanan sihat. Ciayok! Awak jangan putus asa taw. 

We can't even predict our future. There's possibility yang macam-macam, selagi punya peluang kita berusaha sebaik mungkin yer awak. 

Keep sharing your story. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Budget 2013: Fact!

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day,

Dayah tak sempat langsung dengar not even 1 word from our PM on the budget, so I read the news and updated status kenalan di facebook. Wow, impress! Some angry some very happy some no respond. As usual very dramatic "MALAYSIAN". Dan kita semua adalah pelakon di pentas dunia ;p. 
My sister Cik Aten lagi best, dia fokus tang allocation for pesara sahaja. Adoilah adik. As much as I know, Abah never bother about his pension. This money been used to pay his house loan (our house now) tapi dah lama dah habis? So let it be kot. Entah, I also never know. Abah saya ni hebat bab berlakon, always no money memanjang, hahaha. Tektik nak anak-anak kesian, jangan minta duit dengan dia banyak-banyak. 
Below fact, Dayah gigih draw the pie chart for our easy understanding. Some please just hate reading. So need some illustration to understand better, right? But do you ever care about the budget? Can say 55% (not absolute figure). How about myself? Baru nak sedar, I NEED to know. How the government plan to spend the RAKYAT money for our country to be develop country and whether this can help us to achieve 2020 vision?

Based on what I have read in theSundaily, this following is the allocation:

Number fact: 

Operations expenditure details, 

Developments expenditure details, 

What do you think? More expenditure for on-going than future development can say. 

Some say,
  • Well-rounded budget!
  • Pre-election "responsible"! aka bajet pancing undi
  • More benefit to government servant 
  • All stakeholders is taken into consideration?
  • More benefit to young people!
Emphasize more to oil & gas co. , education, agriculture and financial sector. Surprising nothing been announced about GST.

Highlight on the budget that observed and read;
  • Individual income tax rate to be reduced by 1 percentage point for the first RM50,000 of chargeable income. Happy to hear that but not for me lor.
  • Bonus for government servant 1.5 month
  • BR1M will be continued! and single & unmarried individual will benefit too! For those income below RM2k!
  • Lot more 1Malaysia project such as Klinik 1Malaysia, KRIM, PR1MA will be opened! Other than rakyat benefit, it is also a business opportunities!!
  • Existing tax relief on the children’s higher education amounting to RM4,000 per person to be increased to RM6,000. Yeah, but not for me also. But the education fees has been increased, by having this relief. I believe government can help rakyat reduce their burden. 
  • 1Malaysia Book Voucher to be increased from RM200 to RM250. Oh that many! Please use it wisely adik-adik! Don't spend ikut mak tiri je. Buy books which can help you generate your skills and knowledge not CINTA books! Promise? 
  • Sugar subsidy to be reduced by RM0.20 per kg on Sept 29 in view of rising number of Msians suffering from diabetes. Look at positive side of its. Our MALAYSIA is suffering from OBESITY and DIABETES TRUE! Lets live healthy!
  • My First Home Scheme income limit for individual loans raised from RM3,000 to RM5,000 per month. OMG! Really love this announcement! Yeahh, jom beli rumah. Tapi rumah sekarang OVERPRICE! Need a lot of saving!
  • Among the locations for the affordable houses are Kuala Lumpur, Shah Alam, Johor Baru, Seremban and Kuantan. Yes, please. Must be PR1MA project, maybe. Oh ya, PR1MA - Perumahan Rakyat Malaysia. 
  • 80,000 houses to be built in key locations nationwide with selling price ranging between RM100,000 and RM400,000 per unit. Oh nice! House again. Yes buy lot of property than buy new car! Seriously. 
  • All Malaysians with a monthly income of RM3,000 and below and who travel by KTM Komuter, will get 50% fare discount. This GOOD! 
  • Those aged between 21 to 30, with a monthly income of RM3K and below to get one-off rebate of RM200 to buy smartphone. Lol! Most of the people using smart phone now. Okay la, use your phone wisely peeps!
  • Efforts to further reduce the crime rate will continue to be enhanced, with an allocation of RM591 million. Yes WE NEED this. % of crime in Malaysia seem very high nowadays. Feel insecure!
  • Minimum pension to be increased to RM820 for those who had served govt for at least 25 years. Enough? For future? 
  • RMRM38.7b allocation for Education Ministry & an added allocation of RM500mil to improve teachers’ skills in core subjects. Please improve our system! Lot more to do. How to make our people less dependable? 
  • RM1bil fund to be set up to help bumiputra SMEs to increase their equity share in the economy.
  • 10-year tax exemption for companies with TRX status. Btw, TRX refer to TUN RAZAK EXCHANGE status, stamp duty exemption for companies with TRX Marquee status and tax exemption for property developers.
  • Tun Razak Exchange expected to attract 250 international financial services companies and offer 40,000 job opportunities
  • Tax incentives for private entrepreneurs in the oil and gas industry, including 100% income tax waiver for 10 years
  • Halal Industry Fund will provide RM200mil to fund working capital for SMEs that produce halal products. GOOD! Help more SMEs. 
  • Govt to set up group insurance coverage scheme for hawkers and small business owners. Perlu!
  • To further develop Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), a RM1bln SME Development Scheme will be managed by SME Bank. GOOD! More SMEs insyaAllah. Young people this is our opportunity! Do take note.
  • PM says Govt will reintroduce foreign company acquisition incentives and tax incentives for local service providers
Well, what would you say?

1. Still got nothing to do with me 
2. Some benefit
3. Nothing much, Just RM200! Mind you this is just additional to existing benefit.
4. Lot more benefit to SMEs. Opportunity!

What I aspect is more transparent report and no leakage in budget. Like it or not, corruption will still be there. Trust me! Mentality of MALAYSIAN. You want something, pay me with something! Please wake up! Sampai bila nak bina kesenangan atas wang HARAM tu? Think about it. Bukan wang HARAM ke? Kaji semula macam mana wang itu ada dapat? K.A.J.I

Just a sharing point. Jangan ada yang ambil hati. We are all need to improve to survive in future. Esok sure TEH TARIK! Malaysian famous DRINK! Naik harga! Sebab? GULA NAIK HARGA BAIYAAAA.... 

Picture: EDITED from Google

Just my 20 cent thoughts.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gemuk Kurus Gemuk Kurus Gemuk Kurus

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Gemuk ke kurus?
Gemuk ke kurus?

Enough! Dayah STOP! he  he he. Kalau korang baca pun suruh saya STOP ini kan pula kalau hari-hari korang dengar kawan korang bercakap ulang-ulang benda yang sama dalam situasi di bawah:

1) Aku gemuk wei - Kurus je pun BMI below 25. 

2) Aku gemuk wei, tapi makan makan makan. NO INITIATIVE!  - Gemuk! BMI above 25

3) Aku kurus kan, sebenarnya nak sedapkan hati sendiri - Gemuk! BMI above 25

4) Aku kurus kan, bercakap dengan orang gemuk. Ini nak penampar dan sengaja perli kawannya. Hahahaha. Kurus dengan BMI below 25. 

Anda rasa anda di mana? Saya tentunya di ABOVE 25, kategori OBESITI. Yup, saya bukan sengaja mahu menulis untuk suka-suka atau sakitkan hati siapa-siapa (jika terasa). Apa yang saya lakukan untuk dapatkan berat ideal? 



TIPU! Sebab saya sedar saya adalah golongan berisiko terhadap segala jenis penyakit dan boleh GOL dulu (opss,. kasarnya!) he he he. Bukan masuk GOL dalam permainan bola sepak ni. Tapi tinggalkan dunia ini dahulu. Dan mungkin menyusahkan orang apabila sakit. Dah la berat! Siapa nak tolong angkat? Silap-silap kena minta bantuan jentera angkat? Haaaa? Mungkin! 



MACAM-MACAM! Tapi? I HAVE NO DISCIPLINE TO CONTINUE! That the correct answer for that. Teruknya! No motivation, walau takutkan diri sendiri dengan macam-macam cara. Aduhai! Sedihnya. But But But semengat untuk kurangkan berat badan sentiasa ada. I WILL! Doakan kejayaan saya yer semua. (kata orang buang masa je nasihatkan dia, tak apa. Awak doakan saya yer supaya consistent dalam diet ni) 

A) Saya buat apa? Saya pernah turun 10kg dalam kurang sebulan. Apa saya buat?

Ini sewaktu belajar di UMS dahulu. Di bulan puasa, No carb! No sugar! Hahaha TIPU! Actually, still take carb and sugar, why. Buka puasa sepanjang puasa cuma ambil, 

1) SOTO AYAM which ada Bihun Putih (ada carb), Isi Ayam (Protein), Kuah Soto (ada carb ooo) MSG x payah cakap because I have to buy. So kedai selalu masak guna MSG!
2) TEH "O" SUAM LESS SUGAR, see ada sugar but lesser. 
3) MAGHRIB dulu, kunci pintu bilik and excercise for 30 minute without FAILED! 
4) Sahur and Maghrib! Wajib minum TEH MUSTIKA RATU (pek warna hijau) Satu cawan each. Buatlah pekat2.. hahaha giler tak best.

Hasilnya! 10 kg hilang dari badan.

B) Ambil makanan tambahan, turun 12 kg. Dalam 4 bulan. Apa saya buat?

Very slow! I eat what I want! But in control. Even until now, still use to it. To kuantiti makan. I mean nasi, is half pinggan. Apa makanan tambahan? JUSTMATE5 (betul ke saya spell ni? erkk belasah la labu ek..hee maaf) Until certain time I feel, this is just waste of my money! I feel sick. Sometimes wrong with my body, I don't know what to tell. But most of the time saya rasa badan saya penuh dengan toksik dan makin banyak bahan kimia saya ambil dari nature thing. Ohoooooo... minda saya dah kenapa? Seriously, this is what I felt! and I stop ambil. 

C) GYM! Ohoooo rajin benar kau Dayah! Consistent body weight but isi2 keras dapat di lembutkan (erk mcm mana nak explain? Entah, biar saya je faham. hahahaha ;p) tp sebenarnya turun berat cuma saya tidak timbang dengan consistent.

Yezza, three times being a member of gym. End up? Waste money again! LOL, DAYAH MEMANG TAK SAYANG DUIT! uhhhhhh. Kalaulah simpan, dah boleh buat down payment rumah 20X70. Eh tak la banyak mana? Giler. Bagi dekat orang Food Dessert. Memang sakan dapat healthy food. Poor myself la. Why tak teruskan? 1. JAUH NUN! 2. NO SAFETY at parking area. 3. NO FRIENDs! Ini mengada. He he he. Dan adakah saya akan ke GYM semula? MUNGKIN! Saya terfikir nak beli peralatan sendiri di rumah sahaja. Kerana setakat ini INI lah tempat selamat yang saya rasakan selain, aurat pun dapat di jaga (ini yang penting) dekat sana.. ya ampun. Frankly, mata terseksa oh. PERCAYALAH! Tak mo cerita lebih-lebih. Faham-fahamlah sendiri. 

Tapi apa sebenarnya yang perlu di lakukan? Saya ada solution cuma mahu dan tidak dan displin harus ada. Jika tidak mimpi sahajalah. Sampai kapan pun saya akan terus sebegini. 

1) SENAMAN yang consistent! 
2) SAY NO OILY FOOD, PROCESSES FOOD, RED MEAT! Kenapa red meat? Sebab red meat lambat process penghadaman. 
3) No CARB! Betul ni. Banyak ambil PROTEIN. 

Itu je la. Tak ada lain. Saya memang tak tahu kenapa saya tak boleh ambil makanan tambahan untuk kurus. Sebab I can feel sick! It's still A PROCESS FOOD! Mind you, PROCESS FOOD! Mesti ada yang bangkang. Tak apa, ada sebab masing-masing dan saya pun sama. 

Sudahlah badan dah penuh lemak2 degil. Now tambah bahan makanan yang di process dengan bahan "kimia" walaupun di protes habis kata tidak ada. Well, dia masih di process kan? Anywhere apa sahaja yang kita makan akan terdedah kepada PROCESSES FOOD. Nothing is natural, unless kita ambil dari sumber natural tanpa campuran lain masak terus. 

PENDEK kata, KURUS la DAYAH oi! Dari bebel panjang lebar ni. Saya jelous orang kurus, tapi pemalas piang nak kurus hahaha. WELL. Good Luck to me. Kumpul duit nak beli basikal la. Hahahaha. VERANGAN dulu eh.

Bila DAYAH nak kurus? Jom kira hari. hahahahaha. Jangan marah, senyum lebih baik. PEACE! I WISH ONE DAY, SAYA SEDAR DIRI. SEDAR TAPI TAK BERSUNGGUH. SELESA DENGAN APA YANG ADA.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mood adalah sangat TJD_ADTG

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Mood saya ke laut da hari ini. Tertelan M agaknya. Aduhailah mood tolonglah kembali. Dok layan M ni, terus jadi TJD_ADTG. Jangan tanya maksudnya. He he he. Biarlah rahsia. Ekekeke. 

Masa juga punya jawapannya. Kunfayakun. Tanpa izinNYA apa pun tak mungkin terjadi. 

Worth to try and never give up. HE knows better than us. 

Learning English: Deadline vs Dateline

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day,

Today, I'm writing draft for some discussion. Which is due. Va Va Va... and you know what. I'm still in raya mood. MALAS! Ho ho ho. (This entry is suppose to be posted long time ago la dayah! Damm hahaha)


Is there any difference between “dateline” and “deadline”? Are these words interchangeable?


“Dateline” refers to a line in a newspaper article that gives the date and the place of origin.

“Deadline“, however, refers to the date or time a task needs to be completed.

Given the different meanings, we should not use these words interchangeably.

Got it? Yeah, sometimes we may confuse. Life is all about learning.

I'm trying to be positive all the time (insyaAllah, pray for me and for you too^^)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two gorgeous and me^^

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Helloo semua^^
Hopefully you guys are fine

Lately, so many things happen and I keep myself positive. Well its all about learning. No matter how good you're trying still something happen (you never thought of happening). Alhamdulillah, I have positive people around me. No matter what, I'll take note on all your comments .. Sayang2s. Either its a negative comment, think that its will turn up positive. 

Work wise. A lots to do, a lots to improve and a lots to learn. All I need is time and continues learning. 

And yesterday, I have been meeting two gorgeous ladies^^ thanks for coming and we have a lot to do after this, InsyaAllah. Planning for holiday together. Yeah. 
Psst: Both still available.....success in career. Sorang gomen-agency sorang lagi GLC. (marah tak depa ni, Dayah tulis macam ni ;P hehehe)

Planning for short vacation with them. Dah usha2 ticket. Price wise, maheiiii la bebeh. Kena tengok lagi. Any place belasah je kot. As long this two makcik nak shopping ;p hahaha.. and this makcik pun sama. Ekekeke. Treatment paling best sekali buy what you want! Tapi ikut kemampuan la. Jangan nak over sangat, duit tak dak tapi belanjaaaa......... makaih putus nyawa nak bayaq. Haa. Putus nyawa okeh! So be careful and please plan your financial (nasihat buat diri sendiri juga).  
Ok laaaaa.....
Dayah nak bubai dah.. lunch hours is nearly to over. Take care yer kawan-kawan semua. 

Mimpi mungkin indah tapi realitinya pahit.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bila berjumpa kedai kain

Assalammualaikum wbt & Good Day,

Sgt sgt suka sebab berkesempatan borong kain lagi yeaaa.. Giler babas banyak saya sebat .. Oh x leh lama di sini ... Mau pulang sudah

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharing Ovarian Cyst: Pakai BP, Jaga Makan, dan di mana mendapatkan rawatan hemopathi?

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Ada 3 story saya mahu berkongsi dengan kalian, semuanya berkisar tentang Ovarian Cyst. Sesiapa yang dapat membantu, silalah tinggalkan komen kalian di sini ya. 

Komen 1:

"salam, saya pun memang ada senggugut yang teruk..siap dah ada endometriosis..lps bersalin cyst tumbuh balek dan senggugut pon tak pernah hilang sejak 1st period mase budak2 dulu..orang kata lps kawen dan bersalin senggugut akan hilang, tapi tak pon..before proceed dgn option operation buang cyst, amik pil hormon ataupun pregnant lg skali(sbb mase tue masih breastfeed anak, jd tak plan amik pil hormon dan pregnant), saya cube pakai PB korset..alhamdulillah sejak pakai PB, tak pernah kene senggugut, dan cyst pon mengecut..sudi jengok my entry utk kisah endometriosis saya..dari kisah sebelom pakai PB, hinggalah sekarang..:)"
Komen 2:

"Salam...ada x sape2 yg tahu tempat homeopathy yg boleh ubatkan cyst."

Komen 3:
"salam ,
saya juga ada penyakit endometriosis dan adinomyosis, mula doc nasihatkan buat 3 kaedah pilihan. 1. bedah, buang sis tu, 2. bedah buang rahim 3. guna laser utk buang sis. 
mula2 tu banyak jugak ar fikir, doa , solat . tp last2 Allah gerakkan hati berubat dengan kaedah homeopathi. dulu perut selalu tegang, kembung, sakit. ni dah 2 minggu amalkan ubat homeopathi, minggu pertama tindak balas ubat tu sakit gak, masuk minggu kedua ...alhamdulillah. doc homeopathi kata jgn buat pembedahan sebab pengalaman dia selama 25 tahun merawat penyakit endo dah ramai yg sembuh dgn izin Allah. ubat kesuburan pun ada dengan kaedah homeopathi cuma dalam bab zuriat ni, kita hanya berusaha , Allah saja yg dapat memberi"
Komen 4:
Saya nak share pengalaman kena endo both side ms march 2009, dh burst then terus emergency op kt Gleneagles. Lps tu amek Danazol 3 tak thn so stop and on 2-3 types of medicine.
Lps tu 2010 kena lg tp kali ni bt laparoscopy jek..tak smpi pecah mcm ms mula2. Ms ni kt breast pon ade luump so operate skali + apendics. Lps tu kena mkn pill perancang even saya blom kawin. By this time, just in 2 years berat bdn saya naik almost 15kg dari berat sblm kena endo.
Fed up, saya cari alternative solution. Mkn mcm2 ubat mlm, homeopati, tradisional..nothing works for me. Then saya terjumpoa support group untuk endo sufferer kt US. Saya follow and now alhamdulillah, even cyst still there tp size kecik n nothing to worry about n tak payah bt operation or makan ubat lg.
Saya cuma elakkan mkn yg berikut (kdg2 mkn jgk tp sgt cuba elak)
1. soya bean (ade estrogen dlm ni so avoid at all cost)
2. red meat (eg: lembu)
3. dairy (eg: fresh milk etc)
4. processed food (eg: sausage, nugget, fast food - kfc McD.., carbonated drinks, jajan etc)
then kena kurangkan caffein jgk as caffein ade inflamation effect..akan trigger rasa sakit. so if ur endo/cyst tak menyebabkan u in pain...bole la nak minum kopi byk pon :)
saya ade baca jgk kena kurangkan berat bdn as org debab2 ni byk produce estrogen. Estrogen tu feeding endo (for those yg cyst dia endo type lah). Spirulina pon tak boleh mkn sbb spirulina utk bole menyebabkan cyst lagi membesar.
Tu yg saya amalkan and it work for me so far. Bottom line, we must try to eat 'clean', maknanye cuba mkn seimbang n sediakan sendiri mkn instead of mkn kedai :p Still saya sgt cuba kurangkan lg berat bdn..and eat clean (ni susah sket kan sbb kita bekerja byk mkn kt luar).
To Dayah, keep sharing info abt ovarian cyst. Masa saya kena puas saya google cari support group kt Malaysia...tapi xdek..ade sket2 je Chinese discuss dlm MalaysianBabes forum. Sharing info like this really helps as we never heard about this untill dah terkena pada diri sendiri..and lps kita msk hospital baru kita tau rupanye ramai yg suffer penyakit ni.

Alhamdulillah, teruskan berkongsi pengalaman kalian di sini. Cukup sekali itu saya kena, dan saya cukup beringat. Especially RED MEAT. No RED MEAT at all. Kalau bercerita, pasti ada rasa sedih di hati iyalah, dahulu Allah beri dua sekarang Allah tarik satu. Mujur dia masih beri saya peluang ada yang satu itu. Kerana itu saya terus berkongsi pengalaman yang lain dengan kalian semua. Kadang-kadang, we don't even know how this happen to us. Suddenly, keluar bilik pembedahan. 

"Maaf saya, saya terpaksa buang sebelah ovari awak" 

What do you feel? Frankly, during that time I'm totally blur and not sure what was happen. I'm trying to make myself happy and be positive. As ada orang lebih teruk nasibnya dari saya. Dengan semangat itu, saya harap kawan-kawan di luar sana terus positif dan berusaha. 

Ada sesiapa yang boleh bantu saya di mana perlu dapatkan rawatan hemopathi bagi pesakit Cyst? Saya kurang pasti di mana, ada yang kata di Perak. Di mana tempatnya saya sendiri tidak ketahuinya. Saya cuba bertanya, dan kalau saya punya jawapannya saya akan share di sini. 

Moga ketemu lagi.