Friday, November 30, 2012

Now no more free time (cliche sgt hahahaha)

Assalamualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Cliche sgt! hahahaha
Ya ya ya. 

Masa sangat cemburukan saya. 
Sejak-sejak kebelakangan ini ado sahaja keje nak buat. 

Hari-hari mesti 11.00pm above dah shut down. 
Awak.. awak semua pulak macam mana yer? 

Kata orang kalau kita tak jaga tidur. Maka GEMUKlah kita. 
Mitos? Entah la pulak. Saya rasa benar. Kalau jaga makan macam mana pun if not enough sleep. Still you will end up GEMUK. Eh, awak saya GEMUK saya tahu la. Betul taw. Saya selama ini with 2 hour sleep pun okay. That one of the factor yang buat saya tak boleh turunkan berat badan. So jagalah waktu rehat anda.

Buat yang tak GEMUK (BMI lower than 25) please la don't mentioned SAYA GEMUK. Awak mungkin berisi tapi awk masih okay. Buat yang over 25 PLEASE LAH SEDAR AWK GEMUK. hahaha giler kejam statement kan. Apa kena dah dengan tajuk no more free time? Ntah Dayah ni. Ada masa mengarut gak. Kekekeke. 

Al-kisah masa ini. Selalu sahaja rasa tak cukup masa. Sebab gagal merancang dengan baik. Always immediate response. Haaaa.. ada buruknya.

Ok caw.... miss my reading time for almost 2 months! Damn... cepatlah habis project2 ni! Tens to max sometimes. Praying for better. InsyaAllah.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pray for better life


Hope for better life...
Let's pray for our happiness

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Phew! Sekian lama tak membuka web blogger. Most of the time, I'm using my phone to update. Teknologi di hujung jari la katanya. Ekekeke.

Received this comment on entry new objective to be achieved,

Anonymous said...

    salam..hi sis dayah..i've smthg to ask u work in an audit firm now? y u choose to take acca rather than cima..i just wanna know ur opinion..i'm freshgraduate in acctg dgree n will enter audit firm by this dcmber..
    November 11, 2012 6:29 PM

First of all, my apologies for my late reply. 

Question 1: Am I working with an audit firm? 
Answer: Yes, I am since graduate. 

Quetion 2: Why I choose ACCA rather than CIMA?

Answer: Herm. Tell you the truth, I'm dreaming to be Cost Accountant! Since study, sangat adore dengan my prof. and for me COSTING is everything. ACTUAL cost is nothing! Hahaha, apa punya statement da.  Frankly la. Without controlling your COST, what will happen to your business? COGS may more than REVENUE or your EXPENSES maybe more than GP?

Decision is made before the actual things happen, right? So Cost Accountant sangat2 important. Well, I love to do analysis. Love do judgement. Love number! 

In late 2007, I start to think. Its that worth to take CIMA. I need to take 6 papers while ACCA 5 more papers. CIMA is more tougher. I heard la. Reality not pretty sure. Tapi kan ACCA pun susah! Pheww, nak habiskan satu paper pun payah. Challenging bila bekerja + study.

Some more, I'm working in Audit Firm as Internal Auditor? Huh? Relevant ke? Haaaaaa.... lagi panjang story morrry. Working in the environment that most of senior taking ACCA including my senior in the department, I choose to take ACCA. Worth? 

Do Internal Audit and taking ACCA, what is the relevant? Haaaaa..... some times I'm also confuse. Hahahahaha. Dulu la. Now tak lagi. The paper that I took actually sangat berguna. Nak nak lagi sekarang, dah ramai mula melihat Internal Audit as future prospect. Trust me its worth. 

Whether you want to take ACCA or CIMA it is up to you. I do have staff yang ambil CIMA. Silibus wise maybe slightly difference, but sometimes we do talk about the same thing.  Study case yang sama.

Adik, you can choose which paper yang lebih adik minat. Tuition provider dekat Malaysia ini pun dah banyak. Other factor yang buat saya decide to take ACCA, it is because the study material yang senang nak dapat. Maybe that time, ramai yang ambil ACCA dari CIMA. Even now, ada portal free for ACCA, CIMA, CPA. I'm joining open tuition untuk dapatkan study material dan juga tips exam. Well bila self-study ini memang sangat-sangat sukar. So need some reference. Luckily find out open tuition. So banyak juga tips yang dapat from there. Even notes from there also berguna. There are time we can chat with the examiner. Bestkan. 

So adik, the choice is yours. This world is full of information, which paper pun you decided to take. I'm sure, there's always a way to pass the paper. All the best, dik!

Am I giving you advice? or confusing you hehehehe. Hope its helpful. Siapa pun yang membaca. Don't confuse. When you have something to decide sometimes your need 2nd opinion. Well we're not living alone in this world. Remember that.

Till meet again

Updates: 24/11/2012

To Nazreena Ahman, tq so much for spending your time comment on this topic. I'm sharing your though here,

Blogger Nazreena Ahmad Khan said...
   Assalamualaikum. Hi there.
    I just wanna share my experience as a cima student.
    Im currently studying in uitm shah alam .
    I was really in dilemma about which professioal qualification i wanted to take after i completed my degree in accounting earlier this year. So i guess im not the only one facing the same dilemma. Let me help shed some light on the matter.

    Throughout the years, accounting students have this mindset that, if u wanna continue ur professional qualification , do ACCA. Even my lecturers in uitm talks about acca like it is the only option for you. But that was what frustrated me. Coz i realise that i didnt like financial accounting, not one bit. I also did my intern in ernst and young as an auditor for 6 months. And i hated it. So i decided that i dont want to become an accountant nor an auditor.

    So the question that really mattered was, what's the point of me pursuing something i do not like?

    I told myself, i'd just be killing myself and ruining my own life by pursuing acca. Pls keep in mind, im not at all saying acca is not good. Im just saying, it is not for me. It is not for someone who doesnt have the passion.

    The thing about cima and acca is that it is incomparable. The two, focus on different things.

    CIMA is a good choice for those who prefer management accounting.

    Whereas ACCA is the choice for you if u prefer financial accounting.

    Both are good in their own area.

    So ask yourself, what do u want to become ? A management accountant or a financial accountant/auditor ?

    Oh an yea, lets be clear about something. Having cima does not mean that you can only work as a management accountant, but you can work in other areas as well coz we are more intergrated into business management.

    I faced the same problem. Most of my batchmates either pursued acca or start to work in auditing firms. Honestly, i am the only one who represents my batch to pursue cima. I worried back then, i wondered why isnt anybody doing cima ? Is it not recognised worlwide ? Is it not a strong qualification? And i found out that, they were just too scared of uncertainties. Uncertain about the road not taken, they went in search for their comfort zone instead.

 In acca, there are a lot of friends, everyone who is anyone has an acca qualification. 'So lets just go get that', they thought. Coz everyone has it.

    I bump into a friend of mine who said she was jealous of me taking cima coz she wanted to do acca but was scared. And true, like the owner of the blog mentioned, most people, when asked, say that cima is tougher than acca. Please, i beg to differ. Like i said, they are incomparable. If u like mgmt actg, cima would be possible to attain. If u like financial actg, acca would be possible to attain.

    Im not trying to be bias. Im just trying to help u consider the options that u have coz not many ppl have a view of cima. So this is my personal opinion. Any choice u make, are not my responsibility if somehow u were to regret your decision. Please seek more information regarding acca and cima.

    Thank u for ur time for reading this verryyyy long comment :)

    November 23, 2012 3:50 PM

Ohoo... indeed pannjang^^ again the choice is yours. Whether you do ACCA or CIMA its up to you. Both is professional qualification that will give either CA or CMA. At the end you still an Accountant. Have a clear mind, what I want? In 10 years, where I am? Still in working as auditor? But personally, whether you pursue ACCA or CIMA both is useful.

Some people say, alah tak ambil pun tak apa. Why, because they are graduate from local uni that recognize by MIA. After 3 years, apply with MIA. Terus dapat CA. But you're only recognize in Malaysia. If you do ACCA or CIMA , you can go anywhere in this world working as Chartered Accountant.

Pssss. I do have friend buat professional end up surirumah. Seriously. Tapi ia bukan satu kerugian, because at the end she can still teach. Waktu lapang she teach at college. As a part timer.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Naked tree


Few times use this tree.
I love this tree sbb it's really look natural.
It's belong to us.

First time use it for Lily's wedding. At that time we haven't decide to do any pelamin yet. Sibuk nak buat deco sahaja. Thinking where to get the pokok.

Knowing my Abah, mana boleh membayar sesuka suki. I told him I want like and like this. So his team masuk satu semak and found out pokok mati. Balik kita cantas2 ranting2 yang tak cantik tu. Dan kita cat warna putih. Perlu jemur selama 2 hari sekurang2 nya.

Respond so far. Very good. Cuma nak bawa tu, take up space. It's big. I have dream to have more pokok. Tapi nak charge client mahal2 siapa nak bagi me business kan. 2 pokok ni pun penuh Lori. Inikan pula nak Ada 10-18 pokok. Hallo Dayah where to stored?

But I really love this. Look natural. But make sure pokok mati.

Ini sample naked trees yang saya ada. Ada kawan2 Abah nak sewa. And my answer is NO! Hahahaha gila kejam kan. But I am ;p

Monday, November 19, 2012

Oh my Baju kurung!


Me so sad=.="
Oh my Baju kurung.
This is happen bila terlampau paranoid! So happen, I saw a guy half naked walking menghala to my car! What! Muka dia ... Sungguh seram. Messs sgt.

Cepat, buka kereta masuk dengan gopohnya. Tak sedar beg laptop dah gemuk Dan (diri yang sedia gemuk.. Silly girl) Dan Dan Dan tersepit ler saya. Teresa-gesa nak closed door, terstep Atas kain. Dannnnn krekkkkk. Oh my Baju!
Huaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Koyak sudah.

Cepat2 hidup kan enjin car Dan jalan. Phew! Dan dr cermin kereta saya nampak that guy dah sarung Baju security. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why in this world you exist! Menakutkan. What the hell nya buka Baju dalam basement Dan muncul dr basement yang paling bawah. Ohhh apa dia buat?

Poor my Baju kurung =.="
Until now... Sgt tak puas hati. Boleh buka Baju ketika bertugas? Bawah tu cuma Ada car. No toilet pun. Ni dah Kali ke-2 terkejut di basement.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Next next job


New thing happen. But it's not really new. Being doing it quite sometimes, just expanding.

It's damn cool. Sebab? I'm not creative but I'm trying to do as best as I can.

Deal with client, any problem? For me not really, because almost every day I have to talk to client. Macam-macam gaya. But here little bit difference, why? Level of thinking is definitely difference. And of coz diff la, not everybody can accept your idea. Convince them is not that easy as I always do as auditor. See difference environment.

Paling best if client jenis x kisah as long as everything in order. That is much much de-stress hahahaha. But seriously, working with stressful environment and to deal with another "remeh" things sometimes is a real challenges.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Friday, November 9, 2012

I feel mmmmm


Seharian today.. Still haven't complete but yet been questioning ... Mmmmm

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turban + urban


Pelik pelik pelik
Why turban harus di gaya dengan Leher telanjang???

Ada juga turban yang di Gaya dengan Gaya bongol bongol di kepala??

Moden mmg moden tapi ia kelihatan kena gaya tak?

Why Dayah sibuk tentang orang nak berfesyen? Tak sibuk, tapi sedih la. Pengayaan yang langsung x kena.