Two gorgeous and me^^

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Helloo semua^^
Hopefully you guys are fine

Lately, so many things happen and I keep myself positive. Well its all about learning. No matter how good you're trying still something happen (you never thought of happening). Alhamdulillah, I have positive people around me. No matter what, I'll take note on all your comments .. Sayang2s. Either its a negative comment, think that its will turn up positive. 

Work wise. A lots to do, a lots to improve and a lots to learn. All I need is time and continues learning. 

And yesterday, I have been meeting two gorgeous ladies^^ thanks for coming and we have a lot to do after this, InsyaAllah. Planning for holiday together. Yeah. 
Psst: Both still available.....success in career. Sorang gomen-agency sorang lagi GLC. (marah tak depa ni, Dayah tulis macam ni ;P hehehe)

Planning for short vacation with them. Dah usha2 ticket. Price wise, maheiiii la bebeh. Kena tengok lagi. Any place belasah je kot. As long this two makcik nak shopping ;p hahaha.. and this makcik pun sama. Ekekeke. Treatment paling best sekali buy what you want! Tapi ikut kemampuan la. Jangan nak over sangat, duit tak dak tapi belanjaaaa......... makaih putus nyawa nak bayaq. Haa. Putus nyawa okeh! So be careful and please plan your financial (nasihat buat diri sendiri juga).  
Ok laaaaa.....
Dayah nak bubai dah.. lunch hours is nearly to over. Take care yer kawan-kawan semua. 

Mimpi mungkin indah tapi realitinya pahit.


Anonymous said…
Tq dear

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