Life Lately (according to my phone picture)

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

Its being quite sometimes for me to update this blog. Sorry about that was quite busy with work life lately. So here we go, just updating you guys with my life lately according to recent picta stored in my phone. Enjoy!

From the above, day to day work.... planning selagi terdaya^^... Cik Aten hantar kita pergi kerja .. impress! Heavy raining and I stuck in jammed for almost 2 hours, normally that road will just take me about 1 minutes! Imagine! Flower again? Yezza, done hand bouquet for my lovely cousin. Just for her wedding. Hope she like it. Buat kerja sambil menguyah that a MUST! Bila di rumah la. That her, my cousin. She beautiful kan.  Oh no! Was taken my own photo. hahaha. Maaf kan saya, image itu tidak menipu. Saya memang kategori big he he he. Then..... mcm biasalah weekend was fully booked with Catering job. Alhamdulillah. Then next 3 photo, me and cousin sister and brother having night break... SEDAP! Kedai apa entah, located at Stadium Alor Star. Kedai Western color pink.  Last 2 pictures, loading in progress for Alor Star Catering and finally all books have been rearranged by Kak Waty. Oh my my my... better than before... and its a lot yang dah tak taw mana perginya and I have to buy again (sigh). 

See you readers! Do come again.


Mak Wardah said…
Salam kenal, Yes I'll be coming back soon. thanks
Dayah said…
Salam Mak Wardah,

Tq for drop by... yah its a pleasure to have you here. Many, do come again sis.

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