Learning English: Deadline vs Dateline

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day,

Today, I'm writing draft for some discussion. Which is due. Va Va Va... and you know what. I'm still in raya mood. MALAS! Ho ho ho. (This entry is suppose to be posted long time ago la dayah! Damm hahaha)


Is there any difference between “dateline” and “deadline”? Are these words interchangeable?


“Dateline” refers to a line in a newspaper article that gives the date and the place of origin.

“Deadline“, however, refers to the date or time a task needs to be completed.

Given the different meanings, we should not use these words interchangeably.

Got it? Yeah, sometimes we may confuse. Life is all about learning.

I'm trying to be positive all the time (insyaAllah, pray for me and for you too^^)


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