What is your great moment?

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day,

Both moment was great!

For me, where ever I go, there will be a great moment to share and to remember.

You can never replace what matters most: the people you love, be it your family or friends.

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So tell us, who is irreplaceable in your life?

As for me, definitely MY FAMILY. All of them is very very very very important, almost every time. Someone ask me, "Hey what happen to your handphone? Why never pick up?" 

I'm so sorry, whenever I'm at home. Handphone is no longer VVIP to me. Not important. Seriously. The most important I saw the whole family is in-front of me. 

How about you?

Mulakan setiap pekerjaan dengan doa dan bismillah. InsyaAllah hasilnya, GREAT!


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