Why you need to update your CV?

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera and Good Day^^

My question is, why you need to update your CV? 
CV or usually we call it as resume. It is a paper that tells about yourself, your qualification, achievement and skills. 

How often did you updates your CV?
Once a 1 week?, *perlu ke?*
Once a 1 month? *banyak sgt nak update?*
Once a year? *reasonable la*
Never .... *that my case.. hahaha*

As for me, I did not update it since I'm start working. Seriously and today, suddenly thinking of update it. Why? No idea lor. Just want to update it. Maybe, I'm bored with my current work? Hahaha. Funny. No. I never have time to think of "boring". Not even a factor if I were to resign. IF.

But it is important to kept your CV up to date. You know why? When I saw, new job (my dream, actually) I couldn't find my CV. Ohhh my my. Where it is????? Seriously, I don't know. Can't even think where I kept it. That why, it is important to kept your CV up to date, at least every 6 month *why, b'coz month of accounting qualification accept experience more than 6 month to be included in your CV*. That is my suggestion. 

It is difficult to update your CV after quite sometimes. But sometimes I do think, why I need to kept it updated? Since I'm happy working here? No no dear, you never can predict your future. Oh yes, maybe you've 5 year ahead planning. But, will you know that today you company going to closed? *example*

Be prepared!
That why you need to update your CV. Especially when you achieved professional qualification, master or PhD such. Bangga tu. So keep your CV up to date. 

Perhaps, you will never know someone just bump into you asking. Hey, I got perfect work for your. Would mind to give me your CV? *say your good friend, who normally know what you dream for*

Opportunity babeh! That why you need to keep your CV up to date. 

Oh ya, it is not only for you to look after new job but to apply for some professional qualification. You may need it as a reference. 

I need to find where I kept my CV. Seriously, I can't find it. Hayooo.... tang mana hang menyorok ni??


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