Rushing day and almost ketinggalan flight

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera & Good Day, 

2 days ago, I am really tired and almost fainted. You know, why? We almost missed our flight back to KL. This is happen because I'm too dependent on my sister. She is the one who buy, checking, and hold the itinerary. Me? Just have fun.

We just realize that our flight is at 6.50pm when Sri asked Angah, 

"Cuba kau check tengok ticket kita tu" I agree with her as yesterday i already asked her, she said our flight at 9pm. Then, I'm fine with it. Dashboard clock is now showing, 5.40pm. She still haven't check. 
"Eh cuba kau tengok" She then only check the ticket. 
"Ya Allah Long, flight kita pukul 6!!!" WHAT! Fatin was driving that time. We're really panic. 

Mana tak panic, the next day I have to attend two Audit Committee Meeting and expensive to pay for 7 ppl. We reach Sri's home about 5.50pm. Take all our luggage campak kereta and lori. Angah asked me to drive. Yah, I know why she asked me. You know why? For those didn't know me, let me tell you my secret (pssst.. please don't tell other .. okay.. deal?)

I'm F1 driver! Hahahaa.. please believe me. I'm also GPS (sometimes). Once all the pessenger dah naik, I start the car and drive to airport. 5.55pm bergerak and I told angah, my estimated time to reach airport  by 6.15pm. For your information, its about 30-40 minutes to airport from Sri's house. Jauh!

I just drive without thinking (anything I left) and angah has start collecting our ICs ............... and know what? My IC was in other car! Damn! Seriously, I'm more panic.

Damn! Dah la another car is crying our luggage and now my IC too! Huwaaaa.. seriously I'm very very very super panic. My mind was only thinking, how am I going to answer my boss? 

Apa punya baik daa... fikir kerja sahaja and actually bengang sedikit dengan Angah as she said, "Kau tak apa, you can catch the last flight. Just pay la" Amboi amboi kalau hang lepas sama. And at same time, I'm praying the flight is delayed. And I did, cakap kuat2 and semua orang dalam kereta mendoakan sepanjang perjalanan. OKAY! Gila desperate waktu tu.

And I did it! We arrived airport @ 6.15pm. Kelibut bawa kereta. Habaq siap2 dekat Sri if ada saman, please tell me. Sampai masih tak tenang, another car still behind. Aduh, manalah kereta satu ni. Kena bersedia sahaja untuk purchase new ticket. Redha dah waktu ini.....

Alhamdulillah, another car arrived at 6.25pm. Berdetak-detak sudah rasa hati. Lari bawa beg naik, dan syukur flight delayed. Hoyeahhhh. Ketidakselesaan melanda diri, sebab sudah seharian berbaju yang sama. Masuk sahaja balai berlepas tersangatlah lega dan terus kami serbu bilik air.

and I really love this trip..................... I want to go again.. insyaAllah and think of taking license.

and I love the above picture tooo...... sangat cantik dan tenang.

Wanna go again... I'm praying that I can have an extra money than can go there once a month. ahahahaha.. #berangan


haaa....mmg super panic..
my husband missed his flight yesterday....hehehehe

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