It is not only "KEY-IN"

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

While doing accounting work, I realise it is not just "KEY-IN" blindly! Hahahaa. Who do this? Baik mengaku? 

Kalau kena GL, all GL details jelah hangpa taw.
Tang AR, debtor sahajalah hang pa layan.
Tang AP, haaa.. bila nak bayar payment. 

Basically, that the common department in Account or /CUM Finance Department. Honestly, I hate key-in work. I would rather do the analysis than do all the key-in data. But but but, let say yang do the data entry do wrong posting? Small figure pulak tu? 

Fine, immaterial. Lepas audit queries. Siapa pun tak kuasa nak tengok. Who care to see small figure? Taw siapa? Internal Auditor, hahaha. Seriously. We never see on materiality. On certain case maybe, but most of the time. No way. Some company do checking 1000 of docs for certain period. Woohooooo, hang ingat sikit? But for external consultant, I don't think so. I would rather looking at listing and randomly choose. Heeee..  Kira coverage la. Not too minimal, not too much. Eh, ini cerita audit ke cerita akaun? 

For some small company, no body care on their small expenses. Unless your director is very picky and fussy. But but but, most of "malay" businessman don't care. "Aku untung" sudahlah. But but but, "chinese" businessman. Hang jangan dok buat main. Depa pick up small figure pun. See the difference? But banyak cases yang vice versa juga. Pendek kata kita manusia, sama sahaja. Tak kira warna kulit, agama, keturunan. Once you're very fussy. Surely, check very details punya. If cincai, sab sab soi je la. Janji tally and look nicelah the figure tu okay je kot. 

Auditor difference la kot, they tend to check details. OH, I HATE this! Hahaha tipu! I love this ;P Hee. When I start doing account, lots of question in my mind. 
  • How do they control? 
  • How to improve? 
  • How to avoid this issue? 
  • What else to do? 
  • Why this figure weird?
  • Eh, where's the receipts?
  • How come "PAID" full no discount?? 
  • How come suddenly got Sales commission, where's doc? Who received? How do I know, this is really genuine case? 
  • Eh, how come sales has increase tremendously???
  • Purchase so much from this supplier?? Why pay in "CASH"? 
  • Erk, should I accrued this? 
  • Ini concept apa ek?
Lot more in my mind. Kejap-kejap pick-up call, tanya ini beli apa, jual apa, bayar apa? Sabar sahajalah. Interesting. Apply all theory. Sungguh. Banyak dah Accounting Standard yang check lupa. But doing private co. tak sama dengan public listed co. Much much issue. But, if we put certain standard starting from now, insyaAllah bila ada listed exercise in future. It will be much much much easy. #huhberangan dah. 

Impian tinggi melangit. Hehehe. InsyaAllah. A lot to do. I didn't set anything so far. My own target now is to complete the account 1st. Kepuasannya lain as compare when you sent it outside. Moving forward, definitely I can't continually doing it. But now talking about current. I have to. Since sendiri pun banyak question. Bagi dekat orang lain, lagi hura hara. 

So what I want to say is, ACCOUNTING IS NOT ONLY KEY-IN! Lot more to think off. The financial data is VERY IMPORTANT! Jangan pandang sebelah mata your figure, it represent "something". If you were Director or Business owner, please do check. It is not only FIGURE. 

Praying I can complete it, Amin.


menci accounting.........

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