Reasons you're single

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Siapa dengar this morning? Saya dengar tapi agak lewat. I can' t really recall the topic, if not mistaken about ramai andartu sebab high income. Betulkan? Awesome topic. Tambah dengan 3 stooges kat situ. Hayoo, bikin gamat pagi saya. Hari-hari otw to office, sure I will get my radio "on". Memang cerialah and tak di sangka. and was found HOT topic, REASONS YOURE SINGLE. Woohaa, make me eager to see the result.

Here is some of the reason I got from timeline, let check it out:-
  • You're in love with a celebrity who doesn't even know you exist.
  • You take your single female friend's advice about men (I agree with this ;P)
  • You expect more than you are willing to give.
  • You haven't met me yet. I haven't met you yet. We're still strangers. ♡ (I agree with this ;P lol hahaha)
  • You're afraid to commit again
  • Your heart can't accept anyone yet because it's healing from the damaged that someone has done.
  • You know you deserve better. (betul! erk, sometimes it is just our EGO! gotcha!)
  • You still have a flip phone (erk??)
  • You're a lot happier now! :D
  • You keep asking what's wrong, when absolutely nothing is wrong. (hahaha, correct la)
  • You're in love with internet.. (hahaaha, boleh?)
  • You're waiting for someone and you're not looking for anyone else
  • You are too busy dreaming about one direction<3 (kehkehkeh, ya lor)
  • You're waiting for something that wont happen. (absolutely, agreed)
  • You can't stop loving that one person
  • You're waiting for the day where someone from infinite will fly to Singapore, and kiss you when you wake up. (hahaha.. well I'm in Malaysia.. x agreed ... hehehe. dalam mimpi la )
  • Because the standards you have for a partner aren't even met by you. You want more than you deserve.
  • Because you want a perfect partner. You want an ideal mate rather than a real mate. (most of ppl find for this?)
  • Because u cant find someone as awesome as u ! `;D (hahahaha.. awesome ek.. hermm)
  • No one wants you. (sardis bunyinya.. but who know? kan?)
  • Because you understand what is "heartbroken".
  • You are completely invisible to your crush's eyes.
  • No one is awesome enough to be with you & well yeah Allah is saving someone special for you.
  • You wont get over your ex
  • You spent all your time running after a man who was trying to figure out a new way to walk away from you
  • Your Scared Of Commitment & Heart Break
  • You too busy snatching things others brought to the table instead of bringing things to the table.
  • Because you don't need someone to feel complete.
  • You can't trust anyone anymore cause you've been hurt so many times before. (some may think like this, I've been facing this kind of ppl many times)
  • You're waiting for someone and you're not looking for anyone else
  • Datings stupid and too much commitment.
  • Because education is much more important than not-last-long relationship that only break your heart and ruin you life (absolutely, agreed)
Yang saya yakin setiap Adam ada Hawanya, tidak alam nyata pasti di alam akhirat nanti. Don't be scared of being single. Pandang individu yang pelbagai itu hanya dugaan untuk kamu, kamu, kamu dan saya sendiri untuk terus hidup di muka bumi ini selagi nyawa di kandung badan^^

Love this message (Source:
So, what is your reason for being single?


CaDLyNN said…
setuju dgn point sgt setuju dengan last quote~

we must Love Allah more than anything~
ctzurai said…
love the quote :))

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