Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm P.A.N.I.C

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Serious I'm panic! I can't answer some of the quiz @ open tuition. Does it mean, RED ALARM?

Memang sudah kemuncak saat ini. Tak bisa menoleh ke belakang lagi.All the best pada yang start exam in early December. Don't panic. I'm trying my best to resolve my "panic" issue. Slowly readings all the note 1st then continue with practice. Fuh! Macam sempat. Tapi kena sempatkan juga. Althought there are so many things I need to complete before 12 and 19. Wow! Ohhhh.. man. DON'T PANIC Dayah!

Oh my my my... this weekend akan berkubu di Pahang. My relative wedding and my abah jadi caterer. So lots of preparation nak buat. Semalam sembang-sembang dengan mama. Jemputan around 2,000 plus including VVIP. Walaweii, all the best to the team. Kena buat yang the best as we can. Oh ya kan. Bunga I haven't think off. Nak pakai bunga apa pulak kali ini. Muak sebenarnya dengan bunga-bunga biasa. Antara menu yang bakal di hidangkan is AYAM PERCIK! Berasaplah wak dengan bau ayam. hahaha.

and bibik or umi will leaving us soon. Sob. Sob. Sob. So after this no more umi. umi. umi. She back for good. Nanti ada masa nak ajak mama lawat umi dekat kampung dia. She the only bibik so far, I will buy clothes or anything. She the type yang very soft, masak sedap! She work in Arab before. Oh so many things will happen in December. I hope .. I really hope that I can cover as much as possible and no body trying to ruin my mood of study. PLEASE! 

Tak mo gaduh dengan sapa-sapa. Tak mo marah-marah. Tak mo stress. Oh which I can stop it. All that will happen to me la. Every time. Ada sahaja orang suka cari pasal. Sometimes, simple thing pun you can't think! Kan dah mula nak marah. Well, I need to control my emotion. I owe abah his account. Damm! Lama dah tertunggak. Should I leave one of my work? I think I should think properly. Sebab sayang sangat susah nak leave, that my problem and it is my dream since young! So it is very hard for me to leave it. Also PANIC juga ini. Wonder, someone said you've a lots of responsibilities. Tak mau percaya, karut je kan. By looking on certain part on tahi lalat you can predict? Maybe yes maybe nope. Tapi saya tak percaya pun. Hehehe. 

ohhh I smell something good. Angah is cooking. Mai mai bilik ajak makan. Eh, makcik ni. Tak busy meh? I tot she is busy with her tesis?

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