Awesome - Life would be better if?

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

Allow me to quote some awesome quote by twit peeps. Sungguh awesome. There are so many, I just choose those catching me.

Here we go, what they're saying about "LIFE WOULD BE BETTER"
  • if you could lose 5lbs by eating more  
  • if I had a lot of money (yeahh, every body want it!)
  • IF EVERYDAY IS FRIDAY (hoyehhh, I love this!!)
  • if people had better understanding and not just think about themselves
  • if we would stop thinking of ways life could be better, and realize the absolutely amazing this we have (hahaha.. betul. betul. STOP dreaming without MOVING!)
  • LIFE WOULD BE BETTER without Justin Bieber (tak boleh blahhh oke!)
  • if I knew how to cook everything I craved (dang! nak juga! ni asyik belek resipi lepas tu tak jadi? hah! geramkan!)
  • if everybody put God Allah in their hearts and had faith in HIM.
  • if you're here =.="
  • if u wasn't in it..
  • if there is a peace in every country! ♥ (yeahhh FREE FOR PALESTIN!)
  • if haters didn't exist ( I wish!)
  • giving my dollar to someone that deserve it. (hopefully!)
  • IF we slept together (LOL! tak mo tak mo!)
  • if I can ► Play the moments ▌▌ Pause the memories ■ Stop the pain ◄◄ Rewind the happiness (yeahh, I want it! but of coz impossible! moving forward my dear!)
  • if there weren't cheaters, liars, dishonesty, hurt, stress, & hardships. Don't u think? (not only me,  guess everybody wishing the same thing)
  • if i didn't know how to be heart broken or hurt. (ouchh, wake up! life must go on!)
  • if you're the one for me.. :') (hohoho,.. he's mine! ahaks! mood gatai on. now off. hahahaha)
  • if governments take tweets seriously (hahaha.. yah AGREED! bukan semualah yang relevant! I wonder those any department do this?)
  • IF some girls had mute buttons,guys had edit buttons,bad times had fast forward buttons & good times had pause buttons (which impossible)
  • if it rained and snowed money (woohaa, dreaming!)
  • if people took a second to help others & help homeless animals to have a safe home (agreed!)
  • if we can read each other's minds and we can turn back the hand of time
  • If every man would respect every other men and women. Treat people like you want to be treated and respect our sisters (AGREED SANGAT!)
  • if we could transport anywhere or flyyy
  • if I could pick you
  • IF school didn't exist 
  • if you and me are together
  • without tears
  • when we always always remember Allah
Ohhh so many IF! What IF doesn't happen? Move dear, MOVE! Don't dreaming to much! There's nothing possible until you start doing it. Ciayokkkk! 

Let's start something and earn many.


mamaijat said… many 'if' yang kita inginkan.. and if lah we can get all those 'if' ...huh!pasti 'dunia ini ana yang punyer'...kah kah kah..but then balik ke asal...semuanya kita merancang..tapi TUHAN yang tentukan...
Dayah said…
Salam Mamaijat,

hehehe.. ya true.. when to many "IF" and it's really happen. Walaweiii, mmg dunia ini ana yang punya.. petik2 dapat.. kekeekeke

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