All the best to monster baiii and tecik sri

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

Just! Dropping by Sri blog.. reading her note on OK FINAL!!!! I BENCI U.. I know what she hate most now. Her paperwork. Go GAL! You can do it. Both angah and sri tengah struggling completing their final paper for master. I see them up and down from the 1st day. All most drop but they manage to catch up again. Sikit lagi dear. Don't give. Anggap gangguan kami semua butterfly yang cantik2 nak ceriakan hidup^^ hehehehe.. 

InsyaAllah. Keep hope and pray.

Sehari tak nak kacau depa dua orang memang tak sah. Kalau dayah ada di rumahlah. Nak lagi depa dua orang ini hidung memang sensitif. Perut selalu lapaq! Mana hang tak gemukkk baiii oii ;P (ya la.. aq pun sama gemuk.. hahahaha).. by the way angah, honestly, you've gain in weight. What you feel is correct lol.

All the best to both of you, sikit je lagi nak habis. When I look at them, I feel so slow! Still left few papers to complete. Hopefully next year, I can do something. Think something and start with something. Hopefully. [PRAYING] and I'm tired facing the same thing from year to years. 

Stop talking bout me, ANGAH and SRI CIAYOK! CIAYOK! CIAYOK! Susah dahulu senang. senang. kemudian hari. I hope one day, I will start to do it also. InsyaAllah. Tinggal beberapa tahun sahaja lagi untuk melaksanakannya. 

MOOD turn on, 


Kenyang! Makan steamboat + bbq, done by Datin, Sri and tomyam soup by Angah. See both of them also love to cooked.


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