This is why I ADORE HIM MORE! Tun Mahathir.

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejatera,

Come across to BenAshari blog, terlihat interview Tun Mahathir bersama BBC. Here, please watch. 

He is very strong indeed! Ini pemimpin yang di cari. Talk with fact. What I recall and make me respect him event more,

BBC: Did you feel confident the people still listen to your message?

TUN M: Why... (laugh) I wouldn't able to say.

BBC: In Malaysia, people....

TUN M: Why should people worried about me?

BBC: Malaysia people say and am I talking about the Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, and it is time for you to be quite.

TUN M: Why should I be quite?

You mean to say, when their doing something wrong to my country, and I should not to say anything? 

I would be irresponsible, if I were to do that. 

PROUD of you TUN! Dan dengan lantangnya beliau bercakap tentang Yahudi secara terus-terang! Really proud of him. Don't scared.

Fact is fact. Don't try to change it.


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