Step one, CHECKED!

Assalammualikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

[AMARAN: Bebelan bila saya penat! Heee. Bacalah. Tak mahu baca pun tak apa]

There's a lot of things inside my mind.

But 1st thing 1st, my condolence to the whole family - Steve Jobs. Kehilangan besar bagi dunia IT. He dies because of Cancer. Previously, he already stepped down as CEO of apple. Rest in peace. 

Back to topic.
I've done my 1st step! $$$$
Yep. First step. Submit and waiting the process and signing.
In progress to step 2 and the rest the another.

May Allah help me to achieve it. Amin. Slowly but effective, I hope so and I just received another complaint from my boss, "you're too ganghooo" ya ya ya. I am. Behind that, only me know and I don't know how to tell him? Another weakness I need to resolve. Tak boleh tengok orang lain rasa stress sikit then I will feel guilty and take all responsibility. At end, siapa susah? Diri sendiri la. Lepas tu dia pandang Dayah .. Dayah pandang dia. Good la sangat! Need to do something! Faster pun susah, lembab lagi susah!


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