Nuffnang Nuffnang

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

I wonder. Why my earnings, not increase although no. of stats has increased? Is that because, I don't understand how nuffnang is working? MOST LIKELY la kot. 

I've subcribde Nuffnang quite few years dah. Maybe 2-3 years? Maybe, seriously I don't remember. Masa mula-mula yes, almost every day I will go on nuffnang web and check the stat. But now no longer. Since from blogger itself, the information is available and I wonder also, why isn't the stat is diff. Maybe the way it is being calculate diff? Maybe, time differences. But I'm still wondering. If I can subcribe for google sense. Lama dah buat. But I can't. Google refuse to register my email. I do not know why. Malaslah nak layan. Admit masa mula-mula buat blog, just to find an extra income. But now no longer. 

Don't bother dah, hang nak naik ka. Nak turun ka. Biaq pi lah. The policy for nuffnang for how long I can retain the income also I don't know. Any? Nak kena study ni. Kalaulah dia kata within 1-2 years ke burn inactive account? DIE! Rasanya tak kot. Kalau bank iyalah, 7 tahun dormant account memang sah fall under UMA. Nuffnang policy, serious I forgotten. Haishhh, nama sahaja auditor benda penting pun tak observe betul2! ayooo. 

Observation for income, increment for a month look like 2%+/- woohooooo mmg lembap betul. Nampak sangat, blog tak ramai viewer. Heee =.=" Sentap je lebih dayah ni... hahahahahaa.. no la. Just wonder, why the earnings getting slow and slowerrrrrr. Never mind. Yang penting, blogging tetap berlangsung seperti kebiasaan. Just because, I love to membebel.. heeeee.

Note: UMA - Unclaimed Money Act

Feeling to shop! Yes I need it. Sabtu ni nak kena pakai same baju. Where to find hermmmm... macam susah je and not sure whether can find out or not?? Lets pray that I can complete all those work within a day. Gambate!!


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