Wednesday, October 26, 2011

May happiness will always with us

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

Someone who closed to me, ask me to hear this. He dedicated this song for her lovely wife. Wow, so romantic la you. I hope that now you're enjoying your holiday. Seriously, I really wanna hear something good from both of you. I'm also falls for this song... pastu dreaming, boleh? hahahahaha. 

Kalau nak dengar click sini ya. Layan memang. Nak Nak lagi Acoustic Live tu. Woohooo, puji dia. Terus blush. Hahaha. Macam perempuan. Hahaha. Buat para-para isteri mahupun suami boleh dedicated this song for your love. Told you, mesti si dia suka. Hopefully.      

Praying for something good, Amin.

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