Get ready and be prepared!

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 
Something I read from ACCA, be prepared for you exam. Concern kan ACCA ni^^, cuma orang yang nak ambil exam je tak berapa nak concern (hahaha... Dayah la tu ;P) 

Here we go:-

Get prepared for your next exam session

jonathanACCA's tuition support manager Jonathan Mbewe shares some quick tips for exam preparation:
  • Practice and preparation is key to exam success
  • Get yourself a textbook or revision materials from an Approved Learning Partner – content.
  • Study the Syllabus and, more importantly, the Study Guide in detail to know what the examiners expect from you. 
  • Access the latest examinable documents for your paper, especially if you’re taking an audit, financial reporting or tax paper so that you know what standards and tax rates you will be examined on. 
  • Work through past exam questions from the ACCA website and within your textbooks. Do these under exam conditions and mark yourself honestly. Go back and study harder on those areas that you didn’t do well. 
  • Try to join a study group of students (online or in person) who are planning to take the same papers as you.
A very goods tips from him, as I foresee, memang sangat relevant dan wajib di laksanakan wahai Cik Dayah!! Heeee, memang penting sangat. Seriously, when I do past exam without study, memang blurrr habis. So? Baca dulu la kan. Khatamkan textbook. Then baru buat exercise?  

Anyone, took December sitting? Angkatlah tangan ;P hehehe. All the best ya. Wishing me luck and I hope I would spend more time study than sleep, hahahaha. Oh susah man!! How? What to do? Selalu jadi STADO! Benci taw! Nak ubah environment ke? Tak la kotkan. Dah berubah pun. More space to breath!! kakakaka, sebelum makkk aiii serabut otak. Now much much much better, tq for mama for spring cleaning. See how MALAS, I am! Memang betul pun. I'm too lazzy! Sampai kena ketuk dengan mama [pasai tulah, orang takut! kekekeke]

Ok, enough bebelan. Saya nak sambung semula berfikir. Cayok!!!! Untuk semua yang sedang mengambil peperiksaan, ALL THE BEST! Dan yang sedang get ready, please be patient and study smart ya! Pesanan buat diri sendiri =.="


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