Maxis oh maxis

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

Received message from MAXIS, "RM0. New- Get pregnancy tips via your mobile. RM0.10/SMS. Dial *100#>  Content"

Nak tergelak pun ada. Alahai Maxis, I do understand your range of client is too many. Kalaulah yang dapat itu masih budak kecil? 

In a weeks macam-macam mesej yang masuk, tapi ini paling high ranking nak gelak. 

To Maxis, 

I don't think, I've give any updates on my marital status? Am I? Kalau iya bila masanya? I'm still single and this topic was totally wouldn't give me any benefit. What would I do, I will forward this message to my friend who is married and this will definitely good for them.

Sms pun boleh dapat tips, tapi kena bayar RM0.10 per SMS berapa patah? Less than 200 words maybe (i'm not sure) if you just go and Google? Its will be definitely free and thousand of words you can get. So people choose, again use your money wisely^^ sorry Maxis, tang ni tak maulah bazir duit. 


CaDLyNN said…
hihi..kite pon dapat gak sms tu..terus tergelak..yela..die pakai anto je kan..tak sesuai kalau yg dapat tu budak sekolah.. n yup! totally agreed with u..baik carik info thru googling..lagi cepat dan FOC :p
Dayah said…
Salam Lynn,

Memang tak sesuai hehehe

Yap, now everything you can get via click. Easy and cheap!

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