I end up do nothing

Assammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

I end up do nothing, why?

1- Yesterday bring back office work, alih-alih. File terkedang atas kerusi tak sentuh pun. Huh! 
2- Gym? Alasan yang banyak sangat. Bila la nak pergi ni!! 
3- Kurus? Lagilah jauh menyimpang. I keep gaining my weight! how? 
4- Bila saya stress saya banyak makan! Yes I am. Stress tak layan tapi nafsu makan, layannnnn. Adoi. 
5- Complaint a lot dalam hati. Serius! 
6- Study? Don't ask me, I didn't start. Ayo. December Dayah! Tak pikiar paper apa nak ambil pun.
7- Kereta? Dah jadi kereta terbuang. Tak consistent cuci dah. Belemuehhhh. Memang buat Dayah rasa serabut hari-hari tengok dia kotor. Should I vacum? 
8- CA! Too long talking about this, but I didn't send it yet. The reason behind was I need settle all debt 1st. Yes. Penat tengok debts and ter"influence" with my uni colleagues. She complaining how to maintain CPE. Knowing my firm, tak pernah hantar training. So how? Course bukan murah. Again. All about money. I really need to taking care of this seriously. 

and yesterday I read thestar about this article "Local accountants attracted by foreign greener pastures" and important highlight which true and we should think about it:-

1- Should take his word seriously! "graduates left mainly due to the salary disparity. To counter this, he said firms needed assistance from the Government as “a word from the Government is better than a thousand words from practitioners" - Heng Ji Keng, Chief Executive Partner of Baker Tilly Monteiro Heng

2- Betul! "The accountants have to go through about a decade of university education and training, topped off with a scrutinising interview that tests them on the technicalities of the industry before the Finance Ministry issues a licence,” Heng, Chief Exec Partner of Baker Tilly Monteiro Heng 4thn belajar + 3 year exp baru "accountant" + +++ years for license

3- So TRUElah! "A fresh graduate can earn up to RM100,000 per annum in China, around RM85,000 per annum in Singapore while Australian firms pay about RM160,000 per annum. Locally, they would earn about RM30,000 only." RM2,500 sebulan. Hakikatnya ini untuk medium firm. Kalau small firm it will be smaller than that. Study for 4 years, then start work with RM1,600 or close to RM2,000. Then need to pay study loan, ini kalau ingat nak bayar. Start life, nak bagi parent, nak beli kereta, nak beli rumah, nak belanja kawin, nak bercuti juga. Dan keje bagai nak gila, working in audit firm, bila mai tang peak, tell you lambat balik! 

Why is this happen? Nak salahkan boss, mungkin juga. Tapikan, fees charge too client is to small. Tak worth dengan kerja. Orang kita ini selagi murah mungkin dia nak. Please differentiate between professional service and normal service. When we're talking about professional, there's a lots of training and update we need. And it is not free. 

Ok, I should stop complaining. Its time for work and again naik kereta yang tak sempat to clean. Yo. Belemueehhh!

Bye semua accountant and accountant to be. Don't regret, when we start complaining surely "someone" will look into this issue seriously. Kalau tak susah apa, lets pack works in other country yang hargai your works. We've a lots of choices, everyday I received vacancy from Australia, China, Vietnam, Singapore, UK and sometimes India too. After get your CA, you can think to move, maybe? Think twice before you make decision.


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