AUDITOR - Die cause of workload

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera, 

Scary man!
Baca sini.

She still young, 25 years old. Petikan dari artikel tersebut yang saya copy and paste. Her doctor say,

"“Based on her symptoms and her low white blood cell count, it’s reasonable to conclude that overwork led to a weakened immune system, which makes her more vulnerable to infections,”said Dr Wang Guisong, an expert in the neurosurgery department at Renji Hospital"

and she also wrote in her "microblog",
"“Whenever there’s a chance to take a break, a fever comes. My body, I am at a loss whether I should praise you for being understanding or just the opposite.”"

Sudah tiba ajalnya. Buat kita yang masih hidup, balance your life and bosses please please please be consider. Too much of workload may cause you losing a very good staff.

Reminder to myself also, kerja kerja jugakan kesihatan mental dan fizikal nak kena perhatikan. Bila terlalu letih kita perlu rehat. Word, PLANNING here important. Macam Dayah sekarang, I put myself  in learning stage. Where still lots of thing nak di perbaiki. Staffing planning, work planning, bla. bla.. bla.. Teguran dari bos saya kutip satu-satu untuk perbaiki. Although dia penat bebel, hahaha.

Well everyday, we're learning and trying our best to give the best in what ever we do. What should we do, when reach the limit?

a) Don't accept work. Yes, you have to say no. Postponed it. Takkan nak tolak teruskan. Source for help.
b) Take a breath. Very deep and think. Can I do? If no again source for help.
c) Tell you boss, I can't! He / She surely want help you or at very least, give you solution. How to handle it.

Saya nak ke Melaka lagi tomorrow. Hoyehh, nak rehat minda dari hetic. Plus nak cari bahan for next gubahan. Psss, saya ada big job middle year ni. Can't wait to do it. Theme dah fikir, cuma bahan belum cari.


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