Kemana wangku pergi??????? [TENSION]

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

SIAPA TENSION? *angkat tangan*
Saya? Boh tahan. Hahaha... siapa tak begang beb! Kejap jer, monthly income turn drop.. till last .. hahaha.. tak faham .. fahamkan sendiri..

It's happen to me. To you also? Maybe. MANY people in this world, FAILED to managed their MONEY. Including me [Jujurnya! hahaha] Why it's happen?? Sebab kita tamak! [hahaha.. betul da... kadang-kadang kita tak kawal nafsu berbelanja.. tgk nak beli.. asal cantik nak beli.. ehh sales.. sekali dah bertimbun beli... sebenarnya tak guna pun.... haishhh]

Then how to spend your monies? [Which is i'm trying to help myself]. What I do:-
1. Stop digging hole! [Yes, stop making DEBT]
2. Save more! [Instead of 20% to save 35% and > *trying to save more*]
3. STOP JALAN di SHOPPING COMPLEX!! Ohhh NO!! Cannot do! How? [Ok, let try to SHOP ONLINE.. banyakkan? .. so to all my sister.. jangan ajak selalu boleh? hahaha bukan ko ke selalu ajak dia orang.. erkk.. hahaha]
4. STOP JALAN2 on the ROAD too MUCH! [hoii banyak SAMAN! hahaha... yeah I'm speeding person. Giler!! Plus... boleh jimat MINYAKkan & I can enjoy my weekend cooking at HOME]
5. COOKED yourself rather than BUYING [masa nilah nak asah skill beb! Malu ohhh kalau pompuan tak taw masak!! Masak telur goreng pun jadi WHAT! Macam2 jenis telur goreng recipe you can creat taw!]
6. Berkawanlah dengan SI KEDEKUT! [Dayah ada adik2 KEDEKUT! Mencekik Kakaknya sahaja. Sekali CEKIK wallaweii.. hangpa memang teror! Along rela.. hahaha..lepas ni nak jadi kedekut la]
7. PLAN.. PLAN...PLAN.. before spending [GOV ada budget.. hangpa buatlah untuk DIRI.. boleh aaaihh]
8. SEDAR DIRI! [Kalau dalam poket ada dua kupang beli gula2 sudah jangan nak berangan LOLIPOP!]
9. DIET owhh! [biaq lapaq! Ni nak KENA buat! aalahaii labu! Susah sungguh, makan bertahun nak KECIK! Tak juga!]
10. Jangan SIMPAN $$$ dalam DOMPET banyak2! Lagi banyak duit hangpa nampak lagi cepat duit mengalir! Lagu aiyaq terjun! Buat limit sendiri untuk per withdrawal! [oh ya.. kalau boleh elak withdraw dari bank lain kerana setiap transaksi di charge RM1.. kalau 10 kali cocok? berapa dah? bayangkan?]

Here some other tips which I read from YahooFinance (and C&P from other finance magazine)

1- Save one-third of your income
2- Don't scrimp on career-related investments. There's one area where it's okay to be a spendaholic, and that's when it comes to investing in your future earning power. The category includes not only education expenses, but also voice lessons for an aspiring podcaster, how-to books for those with potentially lucrative hobbies, and a new wardrobe for office workers who need to impress the higher-ups. Even hiring a maid service is an investment in your future if you use the extra time it creates to work on your writing or website.

3- Cultivate your most ambitious dreams - The primary reason many people don't reach their long-term financial goals is that they fail to ever articulate—even to themselves—what those goals are. Do you want to quit your day job and knit full-time? Or open the next big cupcake shop? Or star on your own reality television show? If you're having trouble putting your finger on it, ask the people who know you best. Brainstorming with your significant other, family members, and friends can help shake loose your own thoughts.

4- Pay off all but your cheapest student loans early. Student loans that carry a 5 or 6 percent interest rate (or higher) are costing you much more than your savings can earn in this current low-interest rate environment. That means paying off a chunk of your student loans will immediately start saving you more money than you could if you continue to make those slow and steady monthly payments. Of course, not everyone has the cash to pay off a large portion of their loans, and it will probably take five-plus years after graduation to get to the point when you can even consider it. But once you have a healthy bank account, don't wait too long to start paying off big chunks of those more expensive student loans. [AGREE!! I DID! PTPTN hangpa jangan buat2 lupa! Nak tunggu WARAN Tangkap mai depan pintu RUMAH??]

5- Don't wait to invest until you have "extra money." Waiting to start a retirement account until you feel like you can afford it might mean that you can never retire. Don't wait to open up a 401(k) account if your employer offers it, even if you start by contributing just 2 percent of your salary. Soon, you can raise that percentage to 4 percent, and eventually to 10 percent or higher. For extra motivation, plug your numbers into a retirement calculator on, and see how much you need to fund your golden years—it's probably much more than $1 million. [Betul gak ni! I always wait! So cannot2! Whenever you have money then go! Don't wait till "eh dah habis" RUGI]

6- Give back—on your own terms. Companies know that we want to make a difference in the world, and they want to profit off of that desire. That's why so many of them are cashing in on the $600 billion plus "green" industry by claiming to be environmentally friendly when they're not. It's so common that it has a name: "greenwashing." Don't be fooled by all-natural labeling; investigate why the company is claiming to be good for the earth before spending your money. A similar lesson applies to giving to charitable donations: Use Charity Navigator to check the background of your chosen organization before donating any money to make sure it's going to use the money the way you want it to. [SEDEKAH PADA YANG BENAR2 MEMERLUKAN]

Will be in Terengganu this week. Hopefully, can tahan mata to not SPENDING.. hahahaha.. and I need to save for next year subscription and new membership.. lagi sakit. Dugaan!


Abone said…
kalau minat baca buku, boleh beli online kat saya saja ...murah dari harga pasaran, tak payah keluar duit beli minyak ke pasaraya. Rambang mata kat blog saja tak kat window dispay shopping complex..Jimat. Singgahlah. Terima kasih
Dayah said…
Thanks Abone..

InsyaAllah bila ada buku yang saya mahu ada.. saya akan Order ya.. thanks for singgah also ^__^
Klieo Lee said…
i need to save too Dayah! asal tgk benda kiut2 tu memang xtahan dah nak beli! uhuk...uhuk... T-T

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