How's to view your stat with blogger - its easy!

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Dayah just find out this, you might wanna check your current statistic right? *Haisshh.. bosan dah with all kind of stats yg berbeza2.. now we can find it from blogger*

Here you go to Blogger in draft and click STATS

and you will see this;

So let's check it out!!

Check nak habaq mai.. hang tgk bawah ni.. kembang aaiihhh.. toce2 na... mai la singgah lagi na.. ;)

Feeling tiring for long hours working..


hi dayah thanks for follow ^_^
salam kenal yea dr cik timah ahaha... owh yea cik dayah nuffang itu apa die ek??

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