Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,
Depending on his exam progress,
Joaquim hopes to become an ACCA
member by December 2010 at
the earliest. ‘If I achieve my goal I
will have completed my exams in two
years and six months, with only one
exemption (Paper F1). I have been told
that this is an ambitious target, but
I am really committed to ACCA and
to becoming an ACCA member.’
I feel ashamed! Sungguh, he only being exempted one paper instead of nine. Feel motivated also, and he doing while he is working with KPMG as auditor previously. As what I did now, just i'm not working with big 4 and being exempted with 9 papers. Hope that he will success and me too. Susah sangat ke nak finish all the papers? For me yes, its totally different from my degree paper.

Nowadays, a lots of my friend is doing master and its really sometimes make me feel "Dayah slownya ko ni!!" I still doing my ACCA haven't complete yet. Feel guilty to myself and I have spending a lots of money for the exam but I take it positively. To success there will be a failure.

I always took the front line in class & my lecture always told me "Dayah you do a lots of question, surely you can pass the paper" I do come to class and do exercise that he give but I don't do the self exercise yet!! OMG slownya budak ni!! Rasa nak hempuk kepala laju. Perlukah Dayah ada new environment for the study? Does anyone know, what should I do before I start study. Any tips, since my old style is not working anymore. Di tambah dengan kepenatan seharian bekerja, balik kerja lewat & sah2 Dayah tak buka buka, sebalik terlentang terus tidur.

When I can pass the paper!!


Anonymous said…
Salam Dayah,

Teringat pula masa saya ambil ACCA exams dulu, tapi saya full time student without any practical experience. Ada pro and con untuk scenario saya ni, pro: ada banyak masa untuk study (walau still last minute pulun), con: full reliance kat theory, paper audit pun menghafal je. Tapi betul cakap lecturer, a month before exam, buat past years exam questions je,notes tak payah baca dah.
Satu lagi,jangan aim and focus untuk certain topics je, expect the unexpected.
Good Luck and Aza2 fighting.

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