4D3N V3

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

V3 meaning versi no.3. On the following days, we went back to Tawau (one of the city in Sabah), a small town (in process of developing) only one shopping complex I can see, the rest is small-small shops. No wonder a lots of higher income people form Tawau went down to KK (Kota KInabalu) or fly to KL (Kuala Lumpur) From my observation, only a few shop offer them the latest fashion. A lots of their things came from Indonesia, because its very near. If you notice, the way they are talking also similar to Indonesia. Not same but has similarity.

On our 1st night at Tawau, we went walking to the nearest seafood restaurant. Walking about 30 min and we find 101 Seafood Restaurant (too long because we went to find ATM also hehehe). Our target is SEAFOOD and we manage to find it & its delicious. So I recommended anyone to go & eat there. Its near highway (opposite sea). You can choose the seafood that you want and ask them to cook base on you need.

The day after, early in the morning I though to bring my sister to eat nasi Kuning but no shops is selling nasi kuning (I though it was the favorite food of tawaurian?) never mind still can ask them to try other food. We eat "Murtabak Jawa", 1st time I see it, I was though its same taste as our murtabak here. I most likely prefer semenanjung murtabak because of the taste. *ya la kan everyone has own tastekan* we end our morning with Shopping at Pasar Gantung which I took them to cheapest kedai. The uncle is very friendly and give us discount. *some pekedai sombong and pandang orang sebelah mata.. u also don't like kan.. me too. nak rezeki muka kena manis*

Shopping time sengihnampakgigi

In the afternoon, Sri's took us and bring us to Ita's house.Then we had opportunity to went to Floating village (i'm familiar with those type of houses because I've been study in KK for 4 years but for Angah & Aten it is new for them) After then, we when to ABC stall sejukkan tekak, hehehe. ABC stall is famous Ais Kacang stall in Tawau. There is a lot of choices of ABC you can find here. So siapa2 suka ABC boleh la pi sana. SEDAP ooo

We had chit chatting with Ita's mom, Haji. To Tawau people when someone had perform their Haj, automatically they will call them Haji. We had promise her next time to bring Mama and Abah along and stay at their house, InsyaAllah.

Then we went to neni's house, just to see the preparation. From far away, I can smell nice smell of food, immediately I feel hungry, hahahaha. We've been serve with cake/cookies (*kuih-muih) its norm for Bugis's weeding. They will prepare lost of cake/cookies during the day and the day before. Same like Indonesian's wedding, I've been seen before.

See we took picture at "Malam Berinai Pelamin" and my sister went out to see the kampung.

Then we went to eat seafood again, hehehe. A lots of seafood i've been eating during my day in Tawau and its yummylicious!! *tak tipu punya* I meet my uni colleagues and housemate also Chay Haw and Uma and the best part when Uma was so impress with Chay Haw new look. Not only her but all my friend who saw him. Dayah? I know it before so not really shocking. He has lost his weight and almost to his target. OMG!! Me? I don't know when I can really lost my weight to IDEAL WEIGHT.

Happynya dia orang

I called this as small reunion. We been studying together for 4 years and been meeting again after 3 years. There so much of changes. Ada yang dah kahwin and kembang, kekekekee. For sure its a lots of question came into our mind to ask. Hope to see them again in September 2010.

Who love food?? Angkat tangan. BOHONG ek siapa tak suka makan jelir A lots of food I've try and some of its we might cannot find here, i.e. BRONGKO (its made by banana and very sweet) and at Neni's wedding also I can see a lots of type of PUDDING *until I don't know which should I eat 1st.. kekekeke*

I'm hungry, who fault??? Hahahha salahkan picture dia atas.. lapar..lapar..laparr...


Kak Ungku Betty said…
makan, makan dan makan....mmmmm
dah lama tak jengok blog Dayah ni...dah berubah wajah...cupcakes wow yummylicious..

Asyik sibuk dgn entry Maulana aje aunty ni...Dayahpun dah lama x jengok my FB and blog jugak kan? Kita ni sibuk dengan hal masing2 kan? So take care dear....
Dayah said…
Salam Aunty Betty,

huhuhuhu.. tu la makan-makan je la kerjanya.. comelkan cupcakes tu kan.. i like it also..

Tu la entri Aunty semuanya tentang Maulana.. by the way he was GOOD I meant it. Dayah tak ikut sangat but somehow rather tgk jgk when my sis sibuk kata along..along Maulana best la..

Tu la mmg busy Aunty a lots of thing to cover now. Feel like flying over all the work pun ada. Sampai nak buat all those things I like pun tak ada masa.

U too Aunty take care

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