No mood

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Went back to work starting Wed although on holiday its running smooth at 1st place but towards end, Friday, I feel like to SCREAMING tensiontension ahh serabutnya kepala.

Again its will make me crazy. What am I suppose to do. I only have 48 hours more. The meeting will be held by 24. OMG, although its suppose to be FINAL! I hate this!! Really!!! There is loaded of work I've in hand now. I'm suppose to finished the company' profile but I haven't touch yet. I suppose to read chapter 2 & 3 but I haven't do read it. I've to complete all the review before Monday!!? OMG that really I don't know where should I flex my time to do it. Ya Allah kalaulah ada sepasang lagi kaki & tangan. Teruknya budak ni meminta-minta berlebih tapi nak laksanakan tugas bersungut-sungut. Mana nak datang ikhlas dalam setiap perbuatan.

I hope I can handle all the mess quicklypenat


IntanLal said…
Dear my Lovely Sister,

take a deep breath for 10 times and open ur eyes and let ur body rest for an hour.
Dayah said…
Salam Intan,
Tq so much

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