Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,
Asset? Haaa.. bukan Dayah nak declare berapa Asset yang saya ada ke apa yer. Cuma ingin berkongsi sedikit ilmu yang ada. Al maklumlah, baru sahaja received note from my lecture for next coming Sunday class. We will talking about IAS (International Accounting Standard) 16,20,23,36 &40. Dayah cuma igt sekarang pasal IAS16 yang lagi empat tu lupa terus. IAS16 tentang Non-Current Asset specific on Property, Plan & Equipment.

Definition dia yang paling dayah ingat, asset is a resource controlled by an entity as result from past event which can give future benefits to the entity - inflow to the entity mcm tu la. NCA pula adalah asset which is expected to be used more than one accounting period and it held for long term with no intention of realisation in the foreseeable future. There is 4 category of asset which is Intangible, Tangible, Asset Held for Sold & Investment Property.

IAS is basically tell us about how to recognise, measure, present & disclose. IAS16 also will touch about depreciation & valuation. OMG, saya belum study! Before class kena start looking at note. Tak boleh lecture note dia sahaja. Kena bukan opentuition jugak ni. Tapi Note for exam in June'10 belum ada lagi. Tadi ada baca forum, ada seorang member tanya tentang how to treat Idle Spare part, which is same situation yang Dayah alami masa buat audit satu client ni. But my concern not about treatment, I'm more concern about the transfer of cost & its risk because the asset is moveable in simple word leasable to other parties. Because as I understand and their industry practice that spare part will be expenses off. Lebih senang. Tapi dalam situasi member tu, dia beli as substitute. So its will be hold more than a one period. Mcm nak tanya my lecture. Because it will reflect depreciation and value of the asset. Mesti kena buat valuation. Tapi kalau buat valuation its will effect company expenses. Then if I were the Director takkan nak incur cost byk2 kan?

Ni bahana buat Asset Management. Kepala ting tong .. file nak submit today. Almost finished cuma nak cantikkan report. Rasa nak hempuk2 kepala pun ada gak ni, schedule sana sini refer.


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