Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Slow ... slow.. sloww..
Everything goes slow..
No pain yes..
But I think .. its effect me..
My back is pain when I'm sitting too long..
Gusar? No tak ada langsung. Tapi pain yang buat Dayah tak boleh concentrate with my work.

Next check up will be in February..
Really hope that what I saw is true..

Susah ke nak meet expectation??
Am I too slow? Am I too stupid? Am I too rigid? OMG... cant wait for april'10.
Sorry for my words. Too much things to study and to much things to gain.
I'll be leaving soon and start new thing that I really want it.
But ... there is something that make me think twice.
I dont know, I'm maybe wrong?

Shall I take this time a trial?


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