P2 class

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

How's your sunday? Dayah? Half of the day dah guna for class, up & down from Serdang to Shah Alam *not really half.. I spent from 8.30am to 2.30pm only*. My class is 3 hours from 10am to 1pm. This attempt I took 2 papers & I wish for past result. Never aim for excellent results. I don't know why? Maybe because of the difficulties of the papers & I don't even has much times to really focus on the papers.

Papers I choose this attempt is P1 & P2, Professional Accountant & Corporate Reporting. P2 for me is the killer paper. I need to memories all the accounting standard, which is possible to remember but its not possible for you to interpret it as good as standard, I think. Unless you are the one who is sitting within the committees to discuss about the framework. But it is good start if you have a good basic in accounting, then you were there.

P2 was my 2nd attempt. My 1st attempt was somewhere in June'08, which is I failed. I got 36marks!!!! What you think?? 36? I cried went I got the results, because I never failed in the exam. But I remind myself, this is not degree but it is a professional papers. And the best part, I didn't do much exercise for that paper and it worst for what I have done!! I took about 2 years to repeat, I hope this time I'll past the paper. I don't want to look back and now time to focus. I want be an Accountant. That my dream, when I was 1st time in account class in year 2000.

Talking about this class, I was really happy with the lecture because he is teaching us & at the same times he give us tough question to discuss & answers which is really make us move and thinks. Not just listening to his lectures. The way he conducting our class also make me feel I should prepared myself before go to class. I have no experience preparing any of consolidate account. I only have experience answering question, heehehehe. Base on my work experience, I just give my opinion on their finance position and from that we go indeep, what was the main core of the problem. Was control in place? What the risk implication? Min, moderate or high?

from now, I've to do a lots of question and read a lots of student accountant's article


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