Moment's that I miss

Assalammualikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Happy Saturday everyone! How's your day? Dayah? Bit bored. Mama & Abah went back to Alor Star. I just knew it this morning, when I didn't see Abah's car at porch. Planning to sing karok. But, not sure where should I go? Pavi? Erm....too expensive. But I like that place.

Just wanna share some pictures during study time. I'm managing project, to reward an excellent student. All of them is excellent in study and also active in University programs.

The most important thing, my buddies also successfully joining this project. I'm so happy. We are roommate, bed mate, classmate and we share everything together during my 4 years times in university.

My buddies, Ili, Neni & Uma. ******************************
This place was damm so cool when we arrived. It is a PAGODA palace. I love the scenery there.

1. Forbiden city
2.We are at Changi airport for transit with our prof.
3. Dayah, ili & uma at Great Wall of China
4. Dayah & Neni.. sometimes we call her Bona.. myroomate.. getting married in March'10

We're at University of Beijing, it is an official visit. We've been visiting all the places around the uni's. Its very wonderful and peace place for study.

In great wall and one of the village in Beijing. Nice view. I miss this moment & counting on myself when I have the chance to go there again?? Dayah? Any answer? hahahahaha..rindu now dreaming.. hiks

People say we cannot live in dreams


Dayah, bila2 masa boleh pergi..ha.ha..Insya-ALLAH, sekarang ni mesti winter clothes tgh murah gila..lamanya tak pergi china, dulu selalu ikut suami ulang alik ke China, cari barang.memang rindukan dayah!
Dayah said…
Salam Kak Yati,
itulah bila2 masa boleh pergi..
Tapi.. kekangan masa & budget perlu difikirkan.. hehehe
Taw je la.. sampai sana.. kalau tak shopping x sah..
rindu mgg rindu! besarnya bumi Allah ni kan...

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