In dilema

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Happy Monday everyone? How's was your work? Today dayah Mc. Still in flu & pening kepala2. Nak kerja mcm mana if mood nak kerja mmg negative.

Why, I'm dilemma?? Sbb tidak pasti keputusan saya adalah tepat atau sebaliknya. Susah hati nak buat keputusan ni. Susah sangat! I have decide but somehow I'm not sure. Its about my future.

Its only left me fews month to get the qualification. That my dream, I was asking myself. Am I sure? I can't give any answer! Why Dayah? Why unsure? I really admire my work. But my destiny is not here, there is so many things happen. How about my profession? Nak qualification, but I don't even submit my annual return, mcm mana tu? I don't even finish my papers? Mcm mana tu??? Sigh!!! I have to move la, cannot stay too long. Tak productive!

I hate flu!!


Anonymous said…
tulis dlm bahasa le dik ooii...grammar problem
Dayah said…
Salam Anon,

Tapi tak salah cuba supaya dapat di perbaikikan?

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