How to make your life meaningful ~bermaknakah hidup anda?~

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Have you ever ask yourself, worth or not your life now? Yah, I know someone will give me an answer "you should never regret!" But somehow, we're human and there must be an improvement in our day to day life, right? 

Here I want share something, might help you.
  1. What are my natural gifts?
  2. What are my skills and talents?
  3. What do I love to do?
  4. When do I feel the most alive?
  5. What am I passionate about?
  6. What brings me the greatest joy in life?
  7. When do I feel the best about myself?
  8. What are my personal strengths and characteristics?
  9. What have others always said that I am really good at?
  10. How do I most enjoy interacting with other people?
  11. What would I change in the world if I could?

    1. (tidur kot.. muahahaha.. ermm.. menganalisis secara details)
    2.  (patient while cook *ye la tu* find findings muahaha.. )
    3.  (my work! reading ohhh.. bawak kereta.. laut^^)
    4.  (makanan! sekian)
    5. (doing my work)
    6.  (when I see my lovely ppl happy! enjoy every moment & food I cooked.. perghhh suka sgt)
    7.  (when I do work with patient & they agree with me. Kejayaan terbesar.. rasa dpt bonus setahun!)
    8. (ohhh hoo.. biarlah rahsia *muahaha.. saya bukan Siti Nurhaliza ek)
    9. (ohh then YOU have to tell me? hehehehe)
    10. (anytime, anywhere, any occasions... but please x suka serabut place! Semak kepala)
    11. (No WAR please! ... think positively.. Sunnah & Al-Quran panduan kita kan ^^)

    I enjoy my life.. and sometimes I feel frustrated when your work is not being appreciated. Walaupun dah buat sebaik mungkin, tapi kita kena positif. Kalau tak di hargai bermakna ada salah pada cara kita bekerja kan? So must change!

    Saya nak jalan2 atas pasir putih sambil hirup udara segar... tanpa rasa serabut


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