Difference between Focusing on Problems and Focusing on Solutions

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Friday is near to end. How's everything goes in your life? Dayah? Just perfect. Busy with work, busy reading all the comments given from client, busy drafting report, busy wrap up field work, busy talking to jr, busy drafting AP, busy amending report, busy calling here and there, busy discussing with mgr & jr, and beezying myself thinking of foods sengihnampakgigi.. ohh i'm hungry!! Just received call fr mama, inviting me for dinner. Just right time to packed all the things. Forget about work for weekend and need to focus for class. I've Saturday & Sunday class. Good time management.. huhhh, dayah? Hahahaha.. it's ok at least I can save some monies to pay uni fees & acca.

I've an article to share with all of you with is good to read and think about it. I got it from our partner this afternoon. Its very rare to get this kind of email from him. Once it pop up, I read and found it interesting.


Difference between Focusing on Problems and Focusing on Solutions

Case 1
When NASA began the launch of astronauts into space, they found out that the pens wouldn't work at zero gravity (ink won't flow down to the writing surface). To solve this problem, it took them one decade and US$12 million. They developed a pen that worked at zero gravity, upside down, underwater, in practically any surface including crystal and in a temperature range from below freezing to over 300 degrees C.

And what did the Russians do...?? They used a pencil.

Case 2
One of the most memorable case studies on Japanese management was the case of the empty soapbox, which happened in one of Japan 's biggest cosmetics companies. The company received a complaint that a consumer had bought a soapbox that was empty. Immediately the authorities
isolated the problem to the assembly line, which transported all the packaged boxes of soap to the delivery department. For some reason, one soapbox went through the assembly line empty.

Management asked its engineers to solve the problem. Post-haste, the engineers worked hard to devise an X-ray machine with high-resolution monitors manned by two people to watch all the soapboxes that passed through the line to make sure they were not empty. No doubt, they
worked hard and they worked fast but they spent a huge amount to do so.

But when a rank-and-file employee in a small company was posed with the same problem, he did not get into complications of X-rays, etc., but instead came out with another solution. He bought a strong industrial electric fan and pointed it at the assembly line. He switched the fan on, and as each soapbox passed the fan, it simply blew the empty boxes out of the line.

Moral: Always look for simple solutions.

Devise the simplest possible solution that solves the problems

Always Focus on solutions & not on problems

So? What do you think? your r problem solver or creating problem?


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