Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

I'm addicted!! Sudah! Tak pernah2 selama ni nak addicted ngadap TV but this TV series really make me wanna see it more & more. Wanna know what happen next & next. They just a very cool couple. For me? I don't know you? Today, Giulinna make a surprise party to his husband. Bill la kan siapa lg. His wishes just to have a dinner with her wife, ohh sweet sgt Bill ni taw rindu hahahaha Dayah dah start berangan...

But Guilinna has idea to make a party for her husband. He ask Mathew to get Bill's picture from his mom. Suka sgt! Bill starting bau2 that her wife has agenda on his birthday. But hampir2 bocor jugak, she managed it until he get really surprised! I just fall in love with this show. Although both of them is "somebody" iya.. not really popular as other but they just simple and the story attract me to watch it. I just find out, Guilinna was beautiful no mater how she dress out. hahahaha.. boleh ek? Kalau tak, takkan Bill choose her kan? hahahaha...

For Kak Yati, nak tgk this series dkt 712, Entertainment Channel. New episode, is every Tuesday about 10.20pm. Hehehehe.. selamat menonton, actually everyday mcm ada je ulangan dia. Huhuhu.. you watch first then comment K. For me, I just love kedegilan Bill.. hahaha.. & perangai kebudak2kan Giulinna .. their just perfect.. ouchhh terlebih sudah.. kekekeke.. dah sukakan macam2 pujian. Cuba tak suka, ada nak komen, huhuhu.. fikir2kan lah.

Just love the show, y?


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