Nak kena keluar

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

I feel like .. mmg jalan keluar adalah stop!
Dia dah sampai tak boleh fikir
I'm not strong enough to this potision..
Seriously.. have to take a break..
that day is not a break..
I've to pull out myself from this situation..

Stressing doing this .. sorry have to quit as soon as possible.. tho i feel enjoy but deep inside I have no strong point to stay. No doubt its give me experience but now I cant handle the situation.. its very tough for me... the expectation is high but the experience & knowledge is not there to meet the goal.

"YA ALLAH, berilah hambamu ini petunjuk. I feel it before & now it more strong! I'm not any more enjoy doing my work! It's become stressful & very stressful"

Yes I can smile but deep inside its not me anymore. Its lots of things make me feel its lying. Make me frustrated. Make me feel loss. Make me feel stupid. Make me feel want to ran.

I cant think


~PakKaramu~ said…
Salam ziarah dari Pak Karamu
Dayah said…
Salam Pakkamu,
^_^ terima kasih

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