Bertambah Umur DATIN

Assalammualaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera,

Wish my DATIN happy birthday & hoping that all your dream will come true

celebratecelebrate Jom party .. best x semalam.. mandi tepung, telur, air nila, air paip, kena letop belon, kena baling mercun.. kekekekeeke.. it's will be unforgettable memory to you my dear DATIN

Have you make a wish! Be a good muslimah, I pray for you. You are older one year than yesterday and you will be become older by year past.

Be a GOOD DATIN to be ya! Dont gedik ok, don't demand ok! Don't ask your driver drop you off to PAVILION everyday! But future you CAN ask your DATO give me blank cheque book with his signature gelakguling *you r too young to understand this*

waiting u become my partner!


ainaa said…
haha...hine aku ye kau ingt aku demand sgt ke,ni sume pasal kau la kalu kau tak call aku DATIN takdenye aku jd DATIN WANNABE oke FULLSTOP.
btw thankius BULAT for ur present , ILAPYOUVERYSTRONG !!!
Dayah said…
Salam Aina opsss DATIN,

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