Its drop almost 1%

Assalammualaikum wbt dan Salam Sejahtera,

I just notice that GBP has drop nearly 1% and most of the others currencies have drops. Its good or not? Well we cannot jump to any conclusion yet. As the analysis is only made for 1 days. But change in a days for 1% is quite high.

How much I can talk. Seem I'm not a qualified to talk about this. So we see how the economic will grow this year. Is there any changes? Is there any positive impact to us?

I just paid my exam fees and its cost me 78pounds blur its keep higher from year to year. Its may cause by rapid changes in the currency. But thanks to Allah, its not 1pounds=RM7

Otw to Pasir Gudang. I have 3 days fieldwork and hope to reach home before 8pm on Friday.


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