Cheer Up DAYAH!!

Assalammualaikum wbt,

I open DATIN's blog. I cant continue my work since I lost appetite! Damm! I have lots of things to do, I have to complete at least one report by today. I've done answering all my manager review points just need to amend the report and to do a summary. Look very easy, right? But its really take times.

DATIN just create her blog using myspace. Here are some word that she wrote:-

16 agust 09

hyee >
hari nie nk citer psl fmly :
my abah :manager evry time busy like a workeholic< size="5">k.long:auditor sllu outstation tp kaluww ade kt umah tak abeh2 nk kluar shupping tp ttp bwk ktuwg ,hehe,skang nie ngah amek acca ttp nk smbung blaja n tak pena tpike nk kawen <

k.ngah:daa abeh UiTm skang training kt ampang< style="color: rgb(0, 51, 102);">tp my fmly hapening tak sumbung always hapy2 !
hahaha puji telebihh ,
hari nie lpk kt opis k.long jaa die so2 busy ktuwg sme lyn ms,fb .

See what she wrote about me? Saya dah besarkan. Ada ke patut dia kata rumah kita orang mcm ZOO... hahahahahaha. Ko monyet terlepas DATIN hahahahahahaha.

I hungry!


dayah said…
kau pun bce blog aku .
hhaa ! bagus - bagus
Anonymous said…
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