Women Insurance

Assalammualaikum wbt,

I just finish reading an article about Woman Insurance. Its sound good to "us" (woman only.. hehe).

Here is the article from the edge,

"Alliance Bank Malaysia Bhd has joined forces with ACE Synergy Insurance Bhd to introduce Alliance LadyGuard, a specially designed insurance plan to address female-related health risks.

The Alliance LadyGuard insurance plan provides protection against identified female-related cancers ranging from the most common breast and ovarian cancer to cancer of the fallopian tubes, vulva and vagina by giving unparalleled cash benefits of up to RM300,000 upon diagnosis. Diagnosis of any other cancer qualifies for a lump sum of tax-free cash of up to RM150,000. The plan also offers a monthly Homecare Income Benefit of RM1,000 for up to six months and cash benefits for other expenses incurred due to cancer. All Alliance Bank female customers and their female family members between the ages of 18 and 59 years are eligible to enrol for this protection plan.

Premiums start from RM35 per month."

Its sound good and cheap for about RM35/month. Don't u feel so?

Prepare before too late


Marina Monroe said…
Sign up, don't miss the opportunity, I've always encourage my daughters to take up insurance. As for auntie, I've taken the benefit. Well, we wont know what will happen to us in future.
dayah said…
Salam Auntie,

I've decide to buy it. Just matter of which co. Insurance. Because now there is a lots of choice that advantageous us as customer to decide and choose.

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