No. 5

Assalammualaikum wbt,

I've new follower, Kak Unku Betty become no. 5. Sukanya :D Thank you tapi boleh tak saya nak panggil Mak Ungku Betty boleh??.. hehehe.. rasa kurang sopan pulak panggil Kak Ungku kan :D

Yesterday, I've been to Ulu Sedili. I have field work to do and I'm stuck in the middle of jungle for about 1 n 1/2 hours. We are trying to rush out all the work in one day. Alhamdulillah by 7.40pm we finished all the sighting. Later I'll story u, why suddenly we stuck in the jungle. I also want to share with you my best friend wedding in Tawau that I attend. Its definitely very different wedding ceremony that I ever attend. This week until weekend will be busy with work. Next week most probably will be more busy with lots of reports to finalise and next weekend, I'm going to Langkawi.. yeeehuuuu. InsyaAllah. Sometimes I wonder, I am busy but why my weight is maintain... hahaha..soalankah itu!!?? I've being trying to lost my weight slowly. From the day I started until now, approximately about 1 month ++, I am losing about 4kg. Alhamdulillah. But that not much different.

Today, when I came to the office. I meet the purchasing personnel. You know what she told me, "Dayah ni, datang tahun lepas, tahun ni.. makin comel and maintain je kan" terus dalam hati. Alamak makin comel lagi ke.. hahahaha.. padan muka sendiri. Neni n Uma pun cakap the same things. Its ok it will be my long journey to reduce weight. InsyaAllah, I'll do my best.

If I've 2 more leg and hand and If Allah given us 48hours/day. It just IF pls ignore me hehehehe :D


Kaka Ungku Betty said…
Salam,hi Dayah. Well,seems that you are still very young, same with my daughters...yep can call me Mak Ungku Betty or Aunty Betty. Take care dear.
dayah said…
Thank you Auntie Betty
You too take care, Salam.
Kak Ungku Betty said…
Auntiepun pernah discuss pasal career woman,jodoh etc masa open discussion with my prof masa kat u dulu. Sampai sekarang my friends ingat my famous remark : "Better late than never" and my prof answered me back " make sure it's not too late". Haa...Dayah tau auntie kahwin umur berapa? 35 years old...dear! At least it's not too late, anyway!
dayah said…
Salam Auntie,
omg.. serius Auntie kawin at age 35? I thought during our time, all ladies getting marriage earlier :D.. hehehe...
Dayah x kesah sgt pasal kawin ni. Tak ada tekanan pun auntie plus Dayah rasa perlu cukupkan ilmu dulu sebelum memikul tanggjawab yang lebih berat

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