Labuan next visit

Assalammualaikum wbt,

I just come back from meeting and knowing that there is a site for Labuan for us to visit. Surprisingly, I though we gonna have work in peninsular only, since other site was covering by other.

I've been to Labuan before during my Uni time. That away years ago.just to attending meeting and invitation. I though will not going back. Why am I thinking that because:-

1. Far away from my house, need to buy air ticket... hehehehe kedekutnya..

2. There is nothing to attrack me.. hahaha.. kejam.. sbb dulu pergi pagi or then balik malam not much to time. So rasa x de apa2. Hahaha.. geram sbnrnya. During my Uni times, before active I've been to Labuan just for visit. But I manage about 3 hours only there. So imagine in 3 hours what u can do and go? What we do, we shop for chocolate.. hehehehe.. even I'm not fan of choco .. but must buy for Paksu's hantaran. So buy a lots of chocolate. Memang murah ok. So beli banyak2, sbb mmg during that time, dkt dah dgn cuti semester so balik aje from Labuan, after fews day return back to KL. Org labuan jgn marah ya. Saya janji bila ada masa, saya akan pergi lama sikit dan discover the best of Labuan.

(Picture taken form google)

So itulah Labuan Island yang kecil. According to my friend Aqil, dia ni anak jati Labuan. "Ko pusing Labuan tu satu hari jak" So kecik kan. So this time around, not sure how many day we will be there. Where we will go also not sure yet. Whether at Island its self or we need to go the sea. Dont know yet. Everthing happen so fast. Until I feel stress. But now better feeling and suppose July and August will very pack with fieldwork and meeting.

Very happy :D


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