Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its my day :D

Assalammulaikum wbt,

25years I've been chances to enjoy & appreciate life. Thanks Allah for allow me to spare time to life, life, & learn. Pray to be better from day to day. InsyaAllah.

Yesterday, I just arrive at Tawau for my best friend weeding, Marhuma. At night we chit chat about yesterday stories. That a lots of memories together.About strength to success and about story behind A2-G-1. Its very memorable and being a one of my precious moment in life. I do help her to "inai" her little cute finger :D

Today, we wanna to help her to do some preparation for tomorrow "nikah" day. I still can't believe that my friend gonna be a wife to someone that she really ignore before. It's a funny story behind.

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IntanLal said...

Salam...kak mar da nk kawin? sape insan yg bertuah tue?kak dayah, apa kata kak dayah turun kk gak? klu tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkk......intan gigit jari jemari kak dayah...